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We want to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season thank you he turned away right now it Philip station at director don York has more on the sea or snow pack and how it's shaping up for the new year the California department of water resources is going to carry out the first snow pack survey of the season and again Philip station off highway fifty up in the mountains near Lake Tahoe will be the main focus of the survey the experts will look at the water content of the snow to help measure potential water supply there are more than two hundred and sixty still measuring stations across this here in about a mountains that are either manually or electronically used to measure during the winter time and early spring John York K. if J. news and we'll have results as soon as they become available fire season has been one of the worst in Australia's history with at least fifteen people killed hundreds of homes destroyed millions of acres burned the Australian state of New South Wales is declared a state of emergency in officials are considering more forced evacuations from areas where at least eight people have died since Monday thousands and thousands fleeing the areas worst hit by the deadly bush flies that has swept across the southeastern coast of Australia a mandatory evacuation for tourists before catastrophic conditions return on Saturday that's correspondent Anna Coren reporting the start of the new year son increase in arrests statewide for driving under the influence the California highway patrol says during its maximum enforcement period that began at six o'clock December thirty first and ended at six AM new year's day patrol officers made three hundred forty eight D. Y. arrests here in California of from the two hundred fifty one arrests made one year ago with a variety of options that we have nowadays with getting rides everywhere that sort of thing it is unfortunate that people still decide to drink and drive highway patrol sergeant Joseph Bianchi tells our news partner fox twenty six that CHP officers in Fresno made eleven alcohol related to you I arrests as well as one arrest for driving under the influence of marijuana the one hundred thirty first tournament of roses parade ushered in the new year for hundreds of thousands of parade goers in Pasadena in a word fantastic and incredible also words heard often as fans reflect on the forty four floats twenty marching bands and seventeen equestrian units but also a very special and first time addition to the parade.

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