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Last week fifty. Seven point zero, three percent. They were forty two percent in week two. So good bounce back for the gold as well. Fifty two point. Six percent overall are entries here at Bank in the book are gold entry went two and three. We went into week three tied for first. We're now a point and a half back in the standings at nine five and one boulevard traditional entries. Last week went three and two. I had winners on the saints, ravens and dolphins losers on the forty Niners charters. My entry six eight and one here on the season. So certainly hoping to get things rolling in a positive way here in week four. The leaders have thirteen points in the super contest top-five consensus, seven and eight to start the year overall consensus twenty twenty. Seven and one. So it's been a tough start for the field overall despite being right around fifty percent west. Yeah, and no surprise really that the gold did better last week because obviously you have you had a few outright dogs get there with Detroit over New England. You had some smallish ones with the the Redskins over Green Bay. And I think you know, you had a fair amount of dogs that covered with Indianapolis with eras Zona the giants. So you had a lot of those teams yet there, but they didn't all get there like the chargers received. A lot of support didn't get there. Again, you know, the the dogs that were like kind of trendy or quasi sharp dog against like the really good favorites, like San Francisco, advance the city or like LA versus LA. Those didn't get there. And and I think you also had a couple of sides that looked relatively. I don't have the numbers in front of me, but relatively balanced with Steelers and Tampa Bay Dallas and Seattle. So I mean, it was no surprise that I think the fields in better last week and and I think I think when it's a good mix when you have a few of one side, whether it's favorites are underdogs cover, but they all don't cover. That's when you usually going to have your better weeks. You know when you have a card where if you have fifteen games and you got nine or ten favorites hovering or or on the other side, I mean, that's where you're going to see kind of the wop side Valance in the overall record. You know when you look back at last week, you mentioned the picks being pretty spread out there. The colts five seventy six to four eighty eight over the eagles are the Bengals five eighty two four eighty four over the Panthers and the Bengals were one of those trendy underdog picks that didn't come through last week. All you had Jaguars titans. Three. Seventeen to two seventy two giants. Three forty, five to three nineteen against the Texans. Redskins and Packers only separated by thirty three picks you had forty Niners chiefs. The forty Niners were top five consensus play number two in the gold, but it was seven..

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