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You you're not listening? Just motivation, not serving an officer in the ice or get bones broken. I mean, is there an issue but want to remind him again? Certainly Airport reported, because I good news ruins here point that suggested the that And certainly shared man all the all the relevant information and heard sweeter sensibilities to make informed. Decision saying, But one thing I mean, We know Dad. Um, a rodeo. Outdoors. Everyone's going to die. Uh, we know Hunter. Just every everybody who was within a 200 mile radius of Sergeant Sturgess they believe is now dead. That they'll got indicted. Um, we do. Neo 200 Million people have died. Probably by the time I finish this talk, which to be fair. He's really bad at speaking. But I don't think you know she kills people. I think Joe's all tough on himself there. Good morning, Isaac or wraps up this piece if this came from my cigar, but actually get to the end of the article, says John feeling is an economist at the Center for the American Experiment, so he may have been the one who wrote this up time and time again during the Koven 19 pandemic. Minnesota State government has acted on forecasts and warnings, which have turned out to be wildly pessimistic. When the data fails. That's it. On the other hand, I did better with a couple of news stories on my iPhone calculator. When the data fails to support your model, it is generally a good idea to revise the model. The Department of Health is just going to dump the data into the memory hole. Zabrze. It really is incredible and again, Why are they able to do it because they have the cover of the local media. Tom Hauser is like the only individual out there who's constantly beating the drum of what's happening. He's not even taking a stance on. He's just doing his damn job reporting the news for crying out loud, but every other outlets gonna give walls covered. Okay, well as you just you let us know when you want to talk about John Thompson. You let us know how those how we're doing on Cove and we don't need any data or fax or models anymore. Don't have any good news because good news might make people less afraid and Who are less afraid might not comply. That's really one of you gets that snickering paying attention from there. You get that joy spreads. The virus. You have it if you have nerves to be the case right out over the course of the last six months, surest way. The surest way to spread over 19 is joy next up Hope They're right behind that faith way We should all be infected in here is the three was a.

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