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Find out lot about you quarterback spring football so they had to find out in a limited time and fall practice what he could do and that was really stressful for nali patriots but also for the coaching staff. Out what he can do because usually when you get into fall after this spring you. Have you have a good idea but you still need that fall to to do a lot of rinse and repeat rinse and repeat how much coordination is going on With the defensive side of the ball where you wanna see some different looks from defense during fall camp. And how much are you know like you would be talking to You know Bob stoops or somebody and tell them. Hey i wanna see some blitz packages out. 'cause i think we're going to see these things from these people during the year A great question. The two philosophies when i was with hayden fry. Hey didn't want the defense to get tricky. He wanted his quarterbacks to feel ill big time very confident so always ones against the threes in the first off as just the third team defense and vice versa first team defense versus the third team office he just hayden was always wanting to build confidence in his player so now sometimes that was by backfire. Little bit tom because we get into the game. All said hey. Those guys are playing like thirteen hours. You know those guys are lots astor but He always liked those preseason games. Those non conference games early to warm up to that. But that was just flossy. He wanted his quarterbacks to feel like they were ju- confident they you know and he built that confidence up. That way now fast forward. I'm coaching for bob. Stoops and oklahoma. It was never that way. it was one versus ones. And you could do anything you want. There was never a time where we could tell. He's in a defensive guy. We couldn't tell the defensive guy Defecit coach what to do. He just said. Charlie you just get out there and play ball and you script how you wanna script. And we're going to butch every which way now the beauty of that is by mike. Stoops's guys a.

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