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Where you are and how long you've been using the open mic in the news ninety six five this is where orlando turns first for traffic alerts news ninety six point five wdbo where we're going to get a down near freezing tonight folks so it's cold it is wet and thus we've got issues on i four what else is new backup building i four westbound what's going on jackie o'brien yet the crash right at the fairbanks curve i left lane is closed police are there some make sure you stay to the right through that area is starting to back up to lee road all right jackie will hear from you couple of minutes 1210 now you're news ninety six five wdbo afternoon i'm gene wexler continuing coverage of our top story unusual cold in florida pitrow kendo here in tallahassee florida radical all with the florida highway patrol through interstate ten parts of i 10 shut down because of ice on the bridges we've already seen a number of accidents some car spinning out as well we're riding with captain ryan martina who says that his patrol car was completely icedover when he got to it this morning not a saint we normally see here in florida something else fountains freezing overnight as well florida state's campus a number of other school districts closed for the time being he continuing coverage homeowners across central florida are covering plants ahead of freezing temperatures expected overnight i spoke to the garden rebel robert vincent syms about protecting your landscape plant site recommend that you really research and determine what you have betis tropical and that's what you have to worry about okay what about potted plants any of the tropical that you know is a tropical group together put some newspaper down emerge family room and huddle.

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