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That's an in town lawyer to negotiate a deal in all you go into a living room of four star kid and You know you give the old sales pitch of. Hey we have great academics. We have great facilities a blah blah blah. Well the lawyer the agent or the spokesman for the families going to say well. That's all well and good tom but You know this school aid down. Street here is guaranteeing a half a million dollars in alimony. it come to their school. What what can you guys do. So i think that's the future of this world so now your head coach. You gotta go back to your your boosters alumni or or the company that's formed a you know like phil knight is formed at oregon. And say hey can you. Can you help us out here. Kick in some money to get this kid With the an i l. and cars. I mean i think that's what is going to happen in. The future is is more if you want those four five star kids now Iowa's lived off a two and three star. Kids not be able to. You know you may not be in that world with those kind of kids you know. They don't have those kind of deals coming out of high school and still develop those kids and and they have a whole another problem when did developing and they become a superstar. Bob stoops made a great comment on on his show on the new Fox ford's show..

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