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Affected people got poor correct meaning. None of those revenues came back to the. Where have we heard this before. Oh yeah nestle the candy company while the biggest their biggest cash crop is actually bottled water. Extracting water out of town and not giving the water back that they've processed oil all right brother. I'm gonna have to bid everyone a good afternoon. Thank you for being with us. I have to step away. Have an appointment that i need to to make. So i'm glad to have been able to serve you all once again and i will see you on the wednesday edition or i brother. Thank you very much as always we will talk at you soon. Already be will love you love you do all right all right later bye-bye and so we move on here if you can bear with me so yeah so that that should open up. Some is honestly What for those of us that have been working in. I'm a baby compared to a lot of people In the federal space These types of things have been told to the federal government. You pick an agency but these are all under the umbrella of the department of interior so again talking about the bureau land management the bureau of ocean energy management the park system. And there's about fourteen fifteen others that are under the of the department of interior We have told these agencies over and over again about these various different problems mr antennae. Co mentioned horizontal drilling and a An an explosion. And we've talked about situations in up in alaska using horizontal drills because maybe a alaska community said no. We don't want any drilling on our lands. And so the oil companies set up shop next door with a landowner that isn't under alaskan native control.

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