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One surgery has led to another. Don't let this happen to you at the distance to our sole purpose is to keep you out of surgery by treating the cause not just your symptoms. Our high tech. Non invasive treatments are designed to fix your disk and avoid surgery. If your neck back or psoriatic pain is due to herniated, degenerative or bulging disks called today 586416 disc That's 586416347 to Doctor Sal Kogan, D C. W. J. R and the Detroit Economic Club are proud to recognize Lisa Pepel. Global commodity director at radiant as the latest inductee to our 2021 class of rising stars. She's one of 10 young local leaders were honoring for the impact they make in their industry, community or family. Lisa tells Guy Gordon, the one key to gaining a competitive advantage in your industry is creating quality relationships with suppliers. I think it's really critical to the success of the organization to treat suppliers as long term partners. That's how you're going to be the most competitive in your industry is really work. The suppliers who who know their business and can help you drive down costs and add new technology and be better than your competition. The W. J. R and D E sees 2021 rising stars he has sponsored by radiant admire here Guy Gordon's full interviews with all this years. Rising stars at W j r dot com slash rising stars. Friends, interest rates and inventory are at all time lows, and that makes this an excellent time to sell your home. Not wanting to be a landlord anymore. Brian decided it was time to sell his Lavonia property. During the past 15 months. Brian put a lot of work into updating the home wanted to recoup the money he'd spent. He heard about Michael Pernis proven marketing plan and reached out. Michael's plan worked better than Brian ever expected. There were multiple showings in six operas and that home sold in five days..

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