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From Florida to Denver Monday night where she legally purchased a pump action shotgun ammunition that twentieth. Anniversary of Columbine is Saturday after dozens of tornadoes plowed through the south over the weekend. We're at the start. Of three more days of very dangerous weather in that area. At least three tornados were reported today in the Texas, panhandle and Oklahoma WBZ TV meteorologist, Meghan glares. Severe thunderstorm watch right now it extends from Texas all the way up through Oklahoma into Kansas parts of Missouri as well. They have just extended that as we're starting to see some storms popping farther north at least twenty nine people are dead. Another twenty eight injured following a tour bus crash on Portugals Madeira Island, the BBC's ELS and Roberts says it was carrying German tourists. The bus came off the road and is now lying on its sides. And the local mayor said that people who were killed what predictive from the bus. Authorities say no children are among the dead. On Wall Street. The Dow lost three NASDAQ lost four. This is CBS news CBS, News Radio is your home for breaking news with our team of reporters around the country and the world we. Give you the coverage. You can trust. This is souther California's only twenty four hour, local news and traffic station. KNX ten seventy NewsRadio. Good afternoon. I'm Mike Simpson. I'm Karen Adams our top local story at five. Oh, three one dog has died. Another survived after being bitten by a rattlesnake at laurel canyon dog park, Sherman oaks veterinarian, Dr Brian McGrath tells KNX it's a dangerous time we've had several Artie this year in this particular facility we've had four so far in the past three weeks. So it's really started as the weather's warmed up over the past couple of weeks. Dr McGrath says rattlesnake bites are especially deadly this time of the year because the snakes are just waking up from hibernation and have been storing.

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