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By a major league record six pits in one series the red set with the brood alber pools made his return to st louis for the first time since sign with the angels in two thousand twelve he finished series going four or eleven the home run in the walk and finally noel gallagher was repeatedly been called a fat potato by his brother and former co o._a._c.'s member liam as dismissed rumors of an eventual always reunion telling an e. while denying liam quote if people wanna hear all the way to songs they're being played by fatman in an anorak somewhere brawlers headlines and information tune into sports on e._s._p._n. radio all throughout the day i o derek dietrich and apology cincinnati read this is a person i should have been rooting for instead i said he wasn't a major leaguer when he played for the marlins and you just read the stories got a bunch of home runs and he is the all or nothing player that is all over baseball these days but he's obviously a major league or and this weekend he got hit six times by pitches a series six times because he will not back away from a pitch he just stays in there and if anyone tries to throw him inside he's just going to get hit by the baseball and it got me thinking man that is a really brutal way to get on base that has to feel bad for days afterward but as a pitcher or as a pitching staff at some point those guys is not moving we gotta stop putting them on base six times is great for your on bass percents he's got one of these elite skills that billy wants to put in the hall of fame he's got an elite skill getting hit by a pitch he's better getting hit by a pitch than anybody like he used to lead the marlins year after year getting hit by pitch and this is when he was like a platoon player who only play part of the time he's always getting hit by pitches pretty sure one of the ones over the weekend was a strike that's what we're talking about here like one of these guys that pitchers hate that just leans he's got an elbow guard on knows how great is it chris the pitchers hate him and what once they're retaliation tactic there's not they they hate him and he's like throw it at me i don't care such a weird sport man like this guy stands i'm a hit him what was a worse mistake by you saying dietrich wasn't a major leaguer or calling christian yelich slap hitter i'm trying to see which was more wrong that on the poll at lebatardshow which one was dan most more wrong about saying derek same derek dietrich wasn't a major league i play this game all day if you've got a bunch of different categories i'll take calls on this where was dan more wrong seven eight six four five six four eight three seven is the telephone number or calling nationally gin v._p. christian yelich slash a slap bitter i feel like there should be consequences if you get hit by pitch more than once a game like second time to bases third time bases and you won't hit them so much right but then it's also incentivizing him to keep leaning into pitches but who's willing to do those really do that dietrich i know but there's very few people willing to do that to me if he's willing to be hit six times by pitches you don't want their go ahead take all six of those basis you aren't i feel like every team has someone in the minors that if that's their ticket like that's a new job it's guy gets hit by pitches you're gonna have people lining up for that job like i could be a big leaguer all i need to do is get hit by a pitch everyone no well yeah put it that would do it wait a minute i take that actually thank you what happened to you got a little too excited because i came up with this new position of people that just get hit by pitches and how it's easy and i'm just thinking about the money and how much money they'd make but i yeah i take that back i would not do that that's interesting a designated hit batsman well this is what i want to ask you let's do it this way how much would i have to pay you a major league minimum how much would i have to pay you to say you're going to be on a major league roster all season all season oh okay but you need to lead the league in hit by pitches your whole job is Vase. just like how let me where do i have to put that salary i don't think i don't want that job man that hurts everyone coming out of the bullpen these days it's doing one hundred ninety eight miles an hour that's the problem because this role would be probably pinch hit role and now the magic the guy goes out there he doesn't even have a bat and his only job is to somehow get in the way of one of the pitches on the plate bullpen guys you're right though so hard right now that it makes it even less desirable job this has to hurt you know what alison can you please have derek dietrich come on the show so i could publicly apologize to him for say that's gonna they may not happen but i'd like to i'd like to have him on the air in just publicly apologized him for what i said give them extra padding goalie pass none no no no no no no no this job no padding you can't be the guy that gets hit by pitches and have padding on that's cheating job no i know that's why that's why you don't get a cheat code of the padding regulators can have the padding but the designated hit by pitch batter no padding but does the padding help because i mean it helps does it actually make pain free because i think a bulletproof vest it'll style it's the stuff on the risks and the and the elbows like the need i'm telling you i don't wanna be hidden in the shin by baseball yeah but when barry bonds is going up he was going out there and like nights gear so when he was getting hey didn't even a difference they could've hit him with a sword and no one would've felt it where you get hit is definitely important if you take one in the middle of back not that big a deal doesn't i'm telling you ninety not ninety five mile an hour pitch but i've been hit by pitches before all right i'm saying all the sports talking about a quarterback getting hit on his blindside that's way more painful than getting hit in the back major league baseball minimum salaries five hundred and fifty thousand dollars would you take that oh yeah to get hit by not to get hit by a patriot lead the league in being hit side pitch leave the league not your thing you're increasing volume and there's a chance and i have no idea where these are going so there's like your head is going to get hit if you continue down this job hats but you're gonna get seriously doc those those are allowed the person gets hit by pitch conduct balls there by the way i'm just going to point this out to you mich haniger of the mariners this euro testicle following a ball himself so does hurt sometimes it must always hurt no you reckon duck you can not being able to because there's a flame thrower the record for most hit by pitches seasons fifty one times so what do i have to do in order to meet my quota quotas fifty two times who who said that who said i record hughie jennings let's is he still with us played eighteen ninety six Let's look on his phone and find him. Thank you. fifty one times in one hundred sixty one hundred sixty two games then it was who's active leader let's find out who the active leader unless just ask them what their body feels like and if this is worth it if this were just their career path i want to know mike how many people in the audience you think got the sentence it hurt roger dorn i've want to ask you i want i love the i love the joke okay but i'm wondering just what percentage of our audience do you think got the joke i don't think amine ameen is here he did not get the joke between the shoulder blades sweet spot billy yeah but during wasn't a tough guy dohrn was kind of like a little whiny like this guy who's this on the roster billy Yeah, exactly. That's why. being like a gooney guy coming out who you like a sumo wrestler and honestly i mean this might sound bad but the bigger the better in this role because it takes up more space there's more room for you to get hit it's also harder to doc when you're bigger you're telling me i can dock while giancarlo stanton could've duct to like sometimes you're not going to be able to duck away from a hundred and five miles per hours of gas that could happen at any baseball player look with established and this is a very high risk job the question is how much money would it take for you to take this high risk up well billy backed away from wanting the job at all there is not an amount of money but i'm softer than roger dorn what about you chris what are you what does the amount of money i'm telling you i'm going to give you a major league salary and you're going to get to be a major league baseball player for a season but you want season yes but you have to lead the league in hit by pitches i have a really important question though like if billy's body or am i major league body because if i'm a major league body that i'm getting hit by pitches if we're giving them check bagwell's body you're doing it bagwell yeah bag can take a hit well how about this we give you whatever body you want but you're paying for hold remains exactly the same as what it is now wait a minute you guys think that being hit on jeff bagwell's elbow feels different than being hit on craig counsel 's elbow -solutely af bag could take a hit where bijou bag versus b.'s yo man hit bag will cyber bijou's i worked for the pitcher if they had bagwell saiga ricochet right back to the center there splash that's that was that was not bagwell bagwell's size or.

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