Senator John Cornyn, President Trump, Senate discussed on Mark Levin



President says he needs a little more time on the proposed border deal reached in congress the house and Senate could take up the spending Bill tomorrow, though, negotiators are still finalising legislative text the agreement reach would fully fund the government to the fiscal year and provide one point three seven billion dollars for border barriers far less than President Trump had requested. Neither side got everything at wanted in this Bill, but both sides one will Boyd and other shutdown. Democrats Republicans House-Senate Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer is urging the president's support. So far the White House says it's withholding judgement until it has reviewed the final product on Capitol Hill Jared Halpern. Fox News, Texas, Senator John Cornyn calls depending budget deal over border security a down payment toward the Trump administration's overall border plan. The president is determined to exercise with authority that he has under existing law to reprogramme funds to add to this down payment. And I expect to be making an announcement Cornyn insists the White House. I will not dip into federal emergency funds already earmarked for hurricane Harvey relief. A grisly discovery outside children's memorial Hermann in Houston medical center, this morning police say a worker found a man's body inside a construction zone. We don't know if he was killed or not we don't know if it's going to be a homicide suicide or whatever we're still investigating. Make the Masbate identified is seventy three year old Stanley Spiegel. He reportedly had suffered blunt trauma to the head. Police say was wearing regular clothing. They don't believe you is homeless nor they sure how he got into the construction site students returned to school today. After reports came out this week that a pre kindergarten student at LaPorte elementary school has a suspected case of the measles centers for disease control spoke to reporters earlier today about the concern of more cases in the district. Twenty fifteen sixteen.

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