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Ross a McGinnis. Adam Kennedy Army K I A 2007. Lance Corporal Gregory Posey. Corporal Thomas P. McClellan, USMC. It is the Jesse Kelly show on a very, very, very special Memorial Day show. As you know, the shows normally a bit a bit lighter and a bit fun. Today. It is the show. I believe in doing as I told you before, I will try to make sure I do it every single year. I believe in being in this chair and doing a show to honor the fallen on this day. Now. If in case you missed the beginning of the show. The whole thing is on. I heart Google, Spotify and iTunes When it's done what I did today was on top of listing the names at the beginning of every segment that you have set me names of the fallen Talked about the story of the battle Asai, Pam. And I, just a couple segments ago went over the middle of otters Citation for Thomas A baker. Have another Medal of honor Citation from Sai Pan of Mr William J. O'Brien. And wow. You officers in the military or want to be officers. This is who you try to be. For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty at SaiPan, Marianas Islands from the 20th of June to the seventh of July, 1944. One assault elements of his platoon were held up by intense enemy fire. Lieutenant Colonel O'Brien ordered three tanks to proceed the assault companies and in an attempt to knock out the strong point due to direct.

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