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But that's where it's funny because I'm station. Sap a lot of the insiders like to kind of be an out of the way places. So that they don't give away who there are not at the place that like everyone's going to like, you don't really just see like. Oh, yeah. You don't do it in the main dining area, there's a downstairs. That's where you go. We'll there was that you were like Albert breer and one or two other people had this little tiny roundtable, and then Bill Belichick world in with a hoodie like a giant backpack and just like be line to this dark corner where they sat and had a private conversation for like an hour plus getting it there was also the year that an unspoken source close to the podcast made a reservation where we had to a minimum. And then things had to do things happen with that reservation where came. Very difficult because we had rented a room to get to that minimum. And that was something that has just say per Deums went out the less to say about that. But I do Robert Kraft Saint elmo's is Bruce Springsteen of restaurants, go on every white sports writer is in love with. All right. You know, the mission returns on this pet now. On what? Just I get all right now, we're this is about where against Saint Elmo. I like him. I love it. And I'm going with you. All right. That's what's happening in the news did not being under. You're not being under attack here. I get it though. We do we need to I like going there. But do we need any tweet? Moore tweets. Just like you gotta try this. Experience is spicy. It's like also, by the way, reporters, especially in this building. 'cause we're probably the worst offenders. We know the Rams stadium is being built. We don't need any more shots. I've gotten at Valey shot for the last ten months. Here's what's going. It's like we got the voices and listening to this particular episode. I loved the I don't know if he's done that everyone. I love Springsteen. Listen, I'm with you. I understand people talk about almost a lot. It was just a joke. I was joking around. I actually I'm not meeting with people all week that's wild support. All right. Go ahead. Mark. Are you a football head who likes to get into the thorny jousting sessions on Twitter with other football heads about your next level tape watching prowess?.

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