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Yeah exactly by old fashioned tapping foods cell phones in this case leaked it in a very targeted way to weaponize information this is the famous bleep the eu i don't know if this is family podcast fuck the eu comment that she was overheard saying to another american diplomat in the midst of heated negotiations okay that's weaponising information the russians did that in poland by the way it brought down a government we could do and we don't we have a lot of great reporting we knew that happened there are other examples like that and we didn't we didn't put it together it was again i mean it was a failure of magic nation it was there we were fighting the last war and not realizing and by the way the russians had been tampering with elections in western europe and holland and no one seemed right and even through the summer of two thousand sixteen when there was a lot of attention on this issue the the intelligence community seems to have been completely oblivious to the social media component knew nothing about the facebook ads nothing about the twitter bots which was a big component of rubber obama was you know he was playing three dimensional chess with the russians and trying to figure out how they could be helpful on syria of course the end ended up that they were not have not been helpful on syria but they were trying counterterrorism on various other things and you you know.

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