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Taking on any john multinational conglomerates comes at a cost. And if you're an individual a group of individuals knowing where and how to begin is an issue in itself in australia. One of those providing assistance is a nonprofit non government legal service called the environmental defenders office. It c. show is david morris. The radio is the largest environmental public interest environmental law practice in australia pacific region and we really try and find legal solutions for people communities to protect nitrogen climate and we empower communities. We provide this powerful tool of law and mike By accessible and understandable to people who otherwise possibly have fairly limited engagement with legal system. It's it's in some ways. It's a redistribution of power than that's why so many of our cases many about particularly smaller community growth clients and individual clients Taking the legal fought to very powerful opponents they administer a representative of the government will beta large corporation and how they're very many of these kinds of cases from communities from individuals is lots. I'm in the environmental defenders office has run a huge number of types of community representative paces of litigation in all variety of forums. From tribunals throw to most recently or one of us in the quarterback australia that particular case on behalf of the action call alliance. That's a collective of local people who live in and around the town of excellent which is being affected by. I proposed major expansion of the new acland calm on that being affected by the the existing home on trying to prevent the additional impacts and i went to the hot cold a bunch of local people with limited litigation experience not sophisticated lead against in my eyes they local environmental defend selflessly decide to use litigation tool to protect niger to protect their communities in in my eyes there among the most courageous paper. We have community the privilege of mockery a representative. And i presume money would be a significant barrier. If you're an individual or is he say a small community group trying to match a very large corporation or indeed the government you never going to be able to match the resources. I would say of their pundits. So what is an organization like the environmental defenders office who enables them to have legal expertise and the corresponding scientific expertise that we sometimes need to run these cases really at no cost or low cost to the community. Because i simply couldn't afford to pay the kind of rights that private practice solicitous private barristers and experts would charge. Were they acting for the other side. And one of the. I think important role said our organization plies is enabling those community groups to bring these cases and win them against these very powerful maure better results. Opponents really goes to the integrity of a system. The idea that a small community group can stand up against the of the niger mining company or a government department and then weaning court and it really ensures the integrity of processes to insurance that when ministers making important decisions which might have consequences are many decades in climate change in dade well into the future that i follow proper process how much success and influence ken community groups have in bringing litigation against big companies and governments. What we've seen is a fairly high degree of success in what you might consider the first wave of climate litigation side litigation that involves pretty traditional planning considerations. I think the area where is being less success to dight. But he's a rapidly evolving landscape yassine these cases which looked to hold particular lodge amita profit corporations to account to make them pay for the consequences of the emissions that they companies have generated and benefited from in terms of profits. I think that we're starting to say far more. Success in respective human rights cases some of these areas that were noble a now increasingly mainstream. And so what. I would predict over. The next ten years is that you will start to say an evolution of the jurisprudence in spices and evolution of the judges thinking or the colts findings in respect of some of these cases which tonight have been novel but as we get better at understanding climate attribution sought so the idea that we can sai what influenced climate change have when tiki la event or particular change and we can then site and what was the damage of that particular event or change. We going to say far more success in these cases and what you'll say is a growing body of knowledge a growing body of reasoning that stops to play very real pressure i think on companies and governments who file to act more swiftly than they are already and how important is the argument of connection with country with place for local litigation. Paypal sense of place. This is the idea that landscapes a socially constructed as well they are imbued with meaning through paypal's engagement with their local environment and with call and gas projects we say local communities devastated by the prospect of physical destruction of lobbed environment. The idea that the positive bond with a plice who bay completely decimated by project i think becomes a very real motive of the papal local community. Groups are often motivated by date lava plice and it is odd to not say that price destroyed. Certainly we say it increasingly saw i think in the way with traditional honest with average tar strategy to people in australia and the date connections that those people have to country and the impacts that i say from particular projects but also that i say from the growing impacts of climate touch. There's even a specific legal tradition focusing on this connection to land. It's the oldest. We have cathodic law. Jacqueline mcglade in kenya believes it will be.

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