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They have been off season. However, they still have slightly better odds than the bucks team with the second. Best odds to win it all and arguably the best player currently playing in the playoffs. Nick who has a better chance to win the title the warriors or the bucks with with respect to the good people in Las Vegas. My friends the bookmakers out there. This one's wrong. Now, it's right in that. I'm sure they're just trying to get even money whatever it is. But the. Team left that team that right now is most likely to win the championship is the team that employs that guy right there Janas. It's the team that right now goes eight deep and is getting a starter back in Malcolm brogden, just got him back. It's the only team that has already advanced to the next round. It's the healthiest team in these playoffs. And the team owns the best in the regular season. It's the Milwaukee Bucks. So they understand the respect to Golden State. I understand that Golden State especially since the belief is if they can get past Houston, they still have the Kevin Durant coming back by the time. They get to the NBA finals, and they probably believe if Golden State gets passed Yusen, they have an easier conference finals matchup against Denver or Portland, then Milwaukee would have against Toronto or Phillies certainly than against Tronto. But Milwaukee's been the best team all year long. They continue to be the best team. And nothing to me that has happened is postseason changes my mind on that. I think this would be a great matchup either, Houston or the warriors. But we're talking about the warriors and the bucks, and I can I could see. How the bucks would match up. And if you look at you got to go beyond the starting five, we're Golden State where they're hurting right now as far as their bench. And then golden statement, I believe they would have tremendous problem with Milwaukee. They just got brogden back. He plays sixteen critical minutes in that game. Clinching number five that I believe will be invaluable once we get to the NBA finals narcotic markets. He's back playing. He's played several games even been in the starting lineup. But I believe this comes down to coaching win Golden State because you know, they have to go small at some point what will the bucks do to counter act that and we'll put Janas at center because they put you on at center with all the shooters. They have believed that that unit right? There would give the warriors fits that bench and Janas plane the center potentially I believe is the difference in a series that to me is the. The key to if this series were to happen. And it's why I don't favor the bucks in the east. I favor them to win the title, even they have to play Golden State because I don't think you can affect play the Hamptons five against the Milwaukee Bucks. I just don't. So even when Kevin Durant gets back. Kevin it's been a rim protector against the rockets will Clint cappella sill line for my friend, Sean Pendergast has spatula for hands. So he can't hurt him. And harden while he's a bulldog, and he's and he's broad shoulders and strong. He's not toll enough to really give. Kevin Durant troubles. When he goes in there Jaanus is almost as tall as Katie Jaanus is way, stronger bless you think Kevin Durant. And so what are you going to do? Are you going to ask Draymond green to guardians? Okay. Good luck. Like, Draymond green. Is a great defender. He cannot deal with Janas because of the size size advantage and Draymond green. Doesn't have much of a strength advantage on. So the warriors would have to play a center and you're gonna play center then all of. Sudden your offense of officiency is going to dip dramatically. This is a series where they would miss boogie cousins. There are this is all these things matter when you were playing team of Milwaukee's caliber, but I just I happen to believe that what has happened with the books is obviously people that watch these shows that they have real jobs. Right. So they can't watch NBA league pass all your long a lot of their cues on teams. Come from listening to the experts listening to the people on television. Yes. And I don't think a lot of people watch from Milwaukee throughout the year..

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