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I mean mickey's out too so you know you don't get a conversation about maguy that that tangent over to cast it just he's just not getting talked about and guy who is probably going to hit twenty eight thirty four home runs this year with a two ninety average again batting average it's it's we're loving these batting average guys with the with the power that we're getting it's just so key one hundred hundred and runs an rb is i'm taking that all day so yeah by the way i'm going back and forth between castanos and castellanos to trigger people i hope it's working edwin encarnacion i hate you guys let's go to stop angelsen simmons also seven i didn't purposely just pick everyone that was rated seven i was just trying to find one of the interesting guys that is a surprise at the various position in the top ten and simmons happened to be seventh i well angelsen simmons and he's my favorite fantasy player type in terms of value which is the defensive stalwart who just is play literally every single day and figure it out you know has a chance to figure it out ofensive ly and i remember he hit seventeen homers like in his first or second season people thought that was kind of the beginning and nothing for three whole years and then last year he started emulating this mike fish guy i don't know whole lot about him but they kept talking about mike fish fish mike and mike car in how well that guy plays baseball again don't own anything about that guy's stats or whatever apparently is a teammate of this angelsen simmons and he was emulating him a little bit they did the side by side of the swing you really are swing and just like him and obviously that doesn't mean that you're going to have is inherent talent but he went fourteen homers nineteen sp's with two seventy eight average this dude does not strike knowing ryan could not strike out angelsen simmons his five percent rate this year nine percent for his career he's walking a bit more to the point where he has a two point oh walk to strikeout ratio he's got ten percent walk ratio so he's hitting three thirty one four zero two four sixty six the powers not great it's a one thirty five eyeso but when you're doing that batting average with some.

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