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Nathan, what a scintillating and witty performance things on the edge of my seat now is just trying not to crack up all those beautiful moments that you that you gave us just now you're such a talented musician, but you don't come from a musical family. Tell us about your folks. My dad's doctor of computer science, and so he's very oriented towards math and science. My mom's home, Mia may brother, and honestly, I think she has one of the hardest jobs in the world. It's even harder because she has to travel me wherever I perform because I'm minor. So she's, she's, she's got her fulltime job. Just keeping up with you and got really quite a quite a career going. What is your brother? I know he played for well, but now he's in a competitive endeavor. He's very smart guy, amazing academics and everything. And as hobby. He speeds skates and he's quite get. Excellent. So your brother's speedskater but you yourself. I hear what you tell me. You're not very athletic. Tell everybody the story about what happened on the first day of PE in seventh grade. So I walk into the gym or starting off by doing some warm up exercises. Specifically, the sun was a high knee running exercise, and I somehow managed to smash my knee against Maytham and I spray them didn't Did you. you have competition coming up? Keep in mind. This was one week before huge competition that was taking part in. So as he can as as you could have imagined, I was terrified and. At home, I might them and I practiced away from the piano by looking at the music and studying it kind of like looking at a textbook, memorizing them for mation. And I think it was a great learning experience because those evil to develop a new way of practicing the comforting turned great. So. Oh, wells ends. Well, gosh. Take care of those hands. Fantastic. We wish you all the best of luck. Thank you, Nathan. Thank you so much. Two year old count them, some Washington..

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