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Today is the start of a three part series for my interview with the talented doctor. Wei chen. I had the privilege of meeting dr chen in boston. In two thousand. Nineteen at the inulin conference. I have since kept an eye on his publications impersonal posts about his practice. Dr chin works at the cleveland clinic as the professor of plastic surgery. Who's the head of regional reconstructive microsurgery in super microsurgery in the past few months. I've noticed the attention catching comments left by his patients on some of his posts. A few things. I want to mention here primarily. It's a true testament to his dedication to the treatment. And cure of lymph dima that. Dr chan is so responsive to the olympic team community on social media. He's engaging in formative and he leaves you with facts and a whole new perspective. Secondly if you want to see for yourself. Just take a look around the olympic dima pages on facebook and see how responsive he is to those questions. I wouldn't have enough time to finish the interview today. If i started reading them off to you. That's how engaging. He is traditionally treatment for olympic team has included manual emphatic. Drainage compression exercise in skin care but in recent years there has been a focus on additional treatment. Options like pneumatic pumps dry brushing kenichiro. Tape and surgery for olympic. But to be fair not all of these options are new. Many are decades old but if continued to be approved upon for the benefit of the patient. Luckily for all in the liberty mckim unity linfen area of specialization that continues to yield results. That are life. Changing for many patients not all surgical procedures or surgeons are created equal in. I cannot caution you enough to do. An indepth research on the surgeon or their approach before setting a date for surgery. Dr chan has continued to enhance the field of super microsurgery with his technique. That few are aware of vascular is lymph vessel transfer. Today you're going to hear part one of my conversation with dr chen. I hope you enjoy. Dr chan wanted to a podcast. It's so good to have you on today thank you. It's a pleasure for anyone who has not met you yet. Can you give us a little self introduction of your professional background and kind of where you're located. Currently another plastic surgeons initialising and reconstructive microsurgery and super microsurgery. And i'm currently located in cleveland ohio. How long have you been in cleveland. Move here the almost a year ago and right. After i moved here cova started so great timing cove. It has really just throwing a kink in a lot of staff. But i've seen a lot of good work at least articles Patient satisfaction patient reviews on them. Coming to see you in cleveland so covert or not. You seem to be You know really succeeding in helping the community to see what you do when cove it isn't a restriction this probably no stopping you then. We tried to do the best weekend. So can you explain to us. What is micro vascular surgery. The full name of migratory is actually micro neuro vascular surgery so we perform construction by operating finding nerves and blood vessels and the conventional border or cut off. Frustrated of micro neuro vascular surgery is two millimeters larger nerves or blood vessel larger than two millimeters typically would go to neurosurgeons or skua surgeons once they get below two milliliters. That's our territory at is tiny his very specific work. What magnification are you working under. You know for olympic dima micro vascular surgery specific them category construction procedure. Were talking about the procedure can either be microbus cancer. Which as i said start from two millimeter down to zero point eight millimeter or it could be super microsurgical so called super microsurgery which is a relatively recent development. That was this honey. Specialized area of microsurgery was defying by. Dr yourself kashima in two thousand has landmark publication which on the border between super microsurgery. Microsurgery is zero point. Eight that will weavers so zero point. Eight millimeter is where microsurgery stock and. That's where super microsurgery starts. So i it's hard to give you a single medication. We use Low power notification or loops that we were on their head or When we need really much higher math occasion when you go to a microscope and a could be a standard microscope. More michael surgery or a a really powerful microscope for super microsurgery. How do the of patients benefit from microsurgery. That that's a very broad question. Two different types of lumpy demon surgery and as we all know that lumpy is actually determines though is a misnomer. It's not lynn. At deem lint dima implies that this is a fluid disease but we know that lumpy dima is not just a fluid disease there's a soul of disease component in laboratory component the disease and actually towards the intermediate advanced phases lump dima blew. It is not the predominant manifestation of the disease so there are procedures that are designed to remove the sold of tissue or out of those procedure as the bokan procedures and different ways to remove the solid disease. Fall with liposuction. That could be worth different ways. Directly surgically removed the shoes and then dirt reconstructive procedures that are designed to restore leeann dream. Act such as lymph node transplant. When vessel transplant and Various procedures that connect limb channels. Two things People call venus bypassed or the vatican venue master. Lucy's these are the two broad categories of reconstructive procedures. Eater its physiologic to restore lymphatic. Drainage or vulcan procedure.

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