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Marshall county high school in western kentucky ended just before the first bell the incident begin at seven fifty seven am when a 15yearold student armed with a handgun entered this the high school and started shooting state police commissioner rick sanders in washington president trump says he is not worried about what attorney general jeff sessions said last week when he met with special counsel robert muller's team to talk about russia not at all president speaking after signing an order imposing new tariffs on washing machines and solar panels he also denied reports that fbi director christopher ray threatened to resign go he did not even a little bit nope and he's going to do a good job abc news has learned that jeff sessions has been pushing rada replaces deputy andrew mccabe on capitol hill demonstrators these are protesters who want a deal done on daca there at the capitol one day after the government reopened without a plan to protect socalled dreamers democrats and republicans now have sixteen days to come up with a deal on immigration and already there may be a stumbling block the offer is off the table abc news has confirmed that senate minority leader chuck schumer informed the white house that last week's offer to fund president trump's wall along the mexican border in exchange for a compromise for the dreamers has expired but the white house says quote you can't rescind money you never really offered in the first place disputing that schumer ever considered fully funding the wall on his aki bc news capitol hill the magnitude seven point nine earthquake that struck off the coast of alaska this morning triggered sue nami warnings but that didn't happen.

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