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This about whether this punctuation off to the in in Harry Truman Findlay there is not. Marino. Is America particularly susceptible to this is that where they've got this idea from because I'm I'm just thinking in terms of the United Kingdom and the stray Leo the idea. I mean, I'm not saying it doesn't happen. But it's never really caught on to the same extent. There haven't been sort of dynasties of Kennedy's or bushes or Clintons or or or the equivalent well in other countries. You mean? What is it about the United States specifically that seems to crave rule boy family? Why why why do they like the Royal family so much whenever they go over there? I don't know. I think it's because they don't they don't necessarily have one of their own. You know, it's a good question about back to your name. You know, your legal aiming the states is first name middle initial and surname. You have to have that middle initial in there if you use that's that's your legal name, so strange, though, it may be that's that's that's the laws that were. But. The most popular newsworthy items around the world tend to be the younger royals. It's not just this country. In fact, it's more in the United States in Germany and so forth. Look at look at Hello magazine in six languages. Are there any political names o or domestic nines in particular that imbue you with confidence? Cuter roosevelt. I mean, the the there there aren't that many? Oh, no. I mean there aren't there there. I tend to be another part of the American character is suspicion of dynasties. We have this very sort of split personality about them. We we love them. We hate them. We we are drawn to them. But we also reject them. I think there's there's a as I said there's a whole separate conversation about that. I tend to think that an essential element of the Republican Democratic character of the US is that you know, we change our government. There's a two term limit. You had you know, FDR violated that norm. And when he was when he after he died, they changed the constitution to make sure no one would ever do it again. And you know, it doesn't explicitly prevent people from the same family from running. But I think there's a sense sort of resistance to that the Kennedys had several generations. Well, they had one president. And do we have time to? Term limited out selves that does bring us to the end of today's show, Kathleen Burke and Jacob power killers. Thank you for joining us up Dory. House. The show was produced by Guston much lottery. Research by phenomenon Augusta Pacheco enroll re Goodrich STDM manage it was Christie Evans music next nine thousand nine hundred it's monocle on design. This more on the day's main stories on the daily twenty two hundred Midori house for tons at the same time tomorrow eighteen hundred London I'm Andrew mullet. Thank you for listening..

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