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The moon base this really reason why. The production code for the Moonbase always flashes up for me is H H isn't it a bit wobbly on production codes, but the Moonbase Morris bearing home. I have a difficult relationship with the moon base. Really I'm delighted to have it have the two episodes that we have. But it marks a retreat into silly science and silliness that that some of season four especially represents. So we've come from the underwater Menace where there's some silly signs isn't there's a silly science demonstration about a little pots which explodes demonstrating what happens if you drain away the c or whatever it is and then the Moonbase they have this 21st 22nd century on the moon and the day is saved by a tray which somehow hermetically seals the Dome and saves everyone's life and the plots line with the Cybermen only randomly picking off people in the moon base by poisoning the sugar and therefore anyone who has sugar in the coughing. is vulnerable so watching it as a grown-up, which I allegedly am. I don't get on with the lazy storytelling and the dumbing-down for children because they shouldn't be dumbed down for children. It should be it should give children something to Aspire to understanding rather than going down to their level and we have the whole poly cocktail thing as well. And that was more of the same. However, it's Cybermen on the moon. Which is quite powerful. And you've got Trenton being city, which is lovely and that's the Moonbase Morris Barry conducting from his music stand. What was the other one Flatline? Flatline rigsy. Yeah I thought that was a really really really good premise for a story. I thought it was excellent. And I think dr. Like stories tend to be better by virtue of their being less vote this a big theme but being less less focused on what is going on in the Tardis with the Companions and I thought it was pretty good. I remember being.

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