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She said, but the east coast, and I said, I'm going to Brooklyn soon. And she said, okay, that's good. But you gotta get near Washington DC. Because you if you're going to report on the president. No, nope. I told you I'm not get near dis which thank you for the advice. I try to be a White House Gore's about it this time, I get bigger. I wouldn't to Sheboygan and nothing out there. But she said these are the last which is to me it's going to be successful. But don't move to Washington DC. Said okay. Got it and left. You could still be there if you hadn't gotten out of that chair. Yeah. It reminds me of like my endgame in chess like I'll do find in chests until the very end. There's just a few pieces left and I'll just chase your king all around the board. No idea how to close the deal. That's our in as I greedy. I don't even know how to pull specific predictions out of that mine was so all over the place. But when I'm gonna get cancer and my tubes that you've got cancer coming. You've got a marriage proposal. Oh, yeah. New Dodd in the dog go and I've got sexual misconduct allegations. To look forward. Nineteen. It's gonna be a good year. Oh, goodness. If if I am accused by co-worker of sexual misconduct. I will go by those candles. That's my that. Is that is my pledge to the listeners within the next six months. Knocking on the wood. Or what are you knocking on it for that? You don't get accused of haven't done. I appreciate just assuming that you have it. There's a good tip for you don't sexually raspy. Thank you know, what that's really good advice. Yeah. Storefront psychic actor. I got to rate. How would you On on this this? science scale where one is something not at all. May I make a suggestion? What if we write this at the end of twenty nineteen to see how it panned out? That's very good idea. Okay. Everybody remind us at the end of the year. Hey, listen to this. And then maybe we'll visit a difference cake. Yeah. What we learned for twenty twenty. So here's hoping twenty twenty open y'all have a wonderful year. Happy new year everybody. Yeah. So glad to be here with you. Well for our show..

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