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Um i got my phd of university of california irvine um dating myself here integrating seventy one time and then immediately took a job in florida of course uh much to my wife chagrin at the time um the leaving california but it was a great opportunity professionally on my phd was in neurobiology okay and so i and i was hired right out of my ph t to be the first faculty member of a brand new neuroscience department that was just starting up at the medical school to university florida so i was a job was by a sort of a dream job and i took it so i left california the first time spent ten years building a department um in the humidity arth florida island alligator's mosquitoes satiety but it was a great professional opportunity and i enjoyed that part of my career then um had the opportunity to a sabbatical came back to california to the salk institute opinion la hoya california where i did uh about a year and a half's worth of really interesting research at the salk institute um and then rather than going back to florida to my academic position i took another academic position at my old alma mater university california irvine uh and from there spent about almost three years there and then got uh an invitation to come back to washington to join federal service oh wow at the office of naval research in washington where i was offered the position and took the position of director of all of the life science in biomedical research for the navy okay which was again a very interesting position interesting opportunity and it was from that position that i got asked if i would be interested in coming out to nasa aims oh wow in nineteen 97 so that was my third time to california and uh who makes its final time well you're talking about like neuro by.

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