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Who was in the stands, and was there catching that baseball? No. The Dodgers are up for now for two against Atlanta bottom of the sixth, two outs and Pedro by is on in relief after two incredible innings of relief for Blake trying and all he's got to do a shave and pitch like this every time 19 pitches to score listening for him. The starter was Dustin May went two innings. One earned run allowed 55 pitches for May. Stunningly, the starter was superb for the Braves in a bullpen game tonight. A J Mentor, threw a career high three scoreless innings with seven strikeouts. Now the Braves do lead the series three games to one. The Dodgers were trying to force the Game six in the NLCS, which would be Tomorrow afternoon on FX one again, Topsy Dodgers against the number two seed Braves for two L. A bottom of the sixth on FX one. There will be a Game seven in the Zee s tomorrow night. Houston wins again, beating top seeded Tampa Bay 7 to 4 despite two home runs from the Res Manuel Margo Jose Altuve, a two hits, two walks to run scored for Houston tonight. Carlos Correa had three hits in college football number 14 rank B Y U is trailing 20 to 14 at Houston early third quarter The Cougars outscored BYU 17 Nothing in the second quarter number 17 ranked SM you now five No after an overtime win it two lane, 37 34 Delano and three in the American Conference. Kansas coach Les Miles feels better, but will not travel the West Virginia for his team's game tomorrow on Fox TV. Southern Miss postponed its game against UTEP due to virus cases in its program. Last week, Southern Mrs Game was postponed due to virus cases in the opponent's program. Alabama against Georgia Saturday night in college Football, and Bama coach Nick Saban tested negative for Corona virus on Thursday after testing positive on Wednesday. He is still without symptoms. Kansas Basketball Signor Silvio Dissociate, says he's opting out of this upcoming season to focus on personal issues. He had served a 12 game suspension last season for his role in a brawl against Kansas State. PGA Tour is in Las Vegas again. This week's Andr softly leads by three strokes after a second round 60 for the Masters will be in mid November. By the way, Vikings running back Dalvin Cook is out this weekend with a groin injury. 40 Niners quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo will start on Sunday night after practicing all week returning from an ankle injury. San Francisco will be hosting the Rams again on FX one. Pedro Baez has just gotten out of the inning. To the seventh Dodgers for Braves to in Game five in the NLCS, back to Jason Smith and by Carmen.

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