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Local New Yorker local got lost in the museum like an idiot. If you have to get lost anywhere. Let it be the American Museum of natural history. That's true the day. Yeah. Terrified you don't want to get lost at night. Now. I sadly, I was using my night at the museum knowledge. Oh, I've seen the movie using your your your coordinate system from that movie Boyd. Nobody we got here in one piece, which is excellent. Today's topic is comets and asteroids, and I know a little something about it. But I don't know as much as I should know about it to carry this episode alone. So we went in for backup nice backup and is a good friend of ours. Who's been a guest before Natalie Starkey, Natalie? Welcome back to star talk. Hi, Neal scrapie here. Thanks for having me. We've got you online. You are in Chicago. Actually. No. So we've got her. You're in the UK right now. Is that correct? Yes. Yes. I am. I was over in California for about three days living that and now I'm back in the case. So I'm getting used to the rain again on the cold. I'm very miserable spoil that you were so acceptable to us over those three years forgetting that you're basically UK person. So so you're you're fishing a science communicator. That's like a title that you carry for the open university just outside of London, right? Yes. That's correct. Yes. I am. I been a scientific research for about a ten or eleven years and only go into bright saying, and I love communicating the science that I d see how I'm getting into it more seriously now, so I've got a serious science background. I know quite a bit about comets asteroids, so fully can be if he stay on hyping fingers cost. So we've got an I happen to have. I think what is your latest book called Ken? Ching stardust yet, it's asteroids and the birth of the solar system. I have in my lap. For the cameras. Product placement. Exactly. But you gotta come back one day and sign it definitely. So we called questions from our fan base on this topic of comets and asteroids. And so let's let's see what you got neither sheen arrive seen these questions. All right. Let's check them out. I'm a bit worried. I hate having my knowledge tested. If you don't have no idea go onto the next question. Okay. All right. These are pretty good. I I read a few and I'm gonna go hand pick this first ones from Kyle Ryan Toth. He's a patriot member matron. We gotta serve them. I. Yeah. Exactly what it really be possible to hollow out an asteroid and use it as a starship. Ooh, natalie. How about that one? Okay. So I'm gonna say no straight off just to be really boring, but actually one of the reasons we couldn't really do this. Well, with most stories anyways that they're either just to hauled older just don't make the rice stuff say we've got some stories made completely of metal said, I mean, trying to hold it out would be will Mason possible we've talked about in mining as in the past and we talked about in the shake quite a bit and is incredibly difficult to do that. So I think Moines a pure metal asteroid would be hauled and the others made of the can be slightly. So after we describe some of rubble pile..

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