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If he didn't need to get out of the pocket, kind of what John Beck was saying, he's a fast twitch athlete. You don't have to always fast twitch. Don't get happy features. Stay there. But he's so I think this is When the first reads, not there, and he's going through the progressions. That's why that Travis Benjamin touchdown passes the best he's had when he just looked at all off, and he held the safety and he looked right middle came to That was a pro quarterback, NFL caliber play. Um, so I think he's still doubt on the plays that are the off schedule plays that you've got to make where the 1st 2nd reason out there. Now you gotta move. He would think he'd be really good at that. And then when does he just tuck it and run? When you see there was a play the other night when he almost got strip sack from behind, and he kind of elongated to pull back, and then he I think he sensed that a little bit he avoided he got sacked. But he avoided a six the the the strip sacked Braaten Cortes brought number 91 was going to get him and he just pulled it at the right time, So I think he's still Figuring out The when the first reach, not there. Now we go off script. Now I still go off script, meaning, stay alive as a thrower, and then just tuck it and run. And he did tuck it and run one time. Jimmy had a good run by the way earlier and that first drive, which was a good one for him. One FT. First It was textbook, so I I don't I don't think trace quite ready to play. Yet, but I think it's going to be interesting to see how they divvy up playing time for this third game against the Raiders, and they're treating this week what we thought and Kyle said it yesterday when he met the media. This is like a game week. Came in yesterday. The players after playing on Sunday, Shorty McCabe, Get all you know, you know, as far as therapy and in the work and from their body skin today off Tuesday's day off in the NFL go back to work Wednesday Thursday Friday, Walk through Saturday, playing Sunday at one o'clock. This is like an NFL week. Perfect. So how will they prepare the players? Uh, you know, maybe they have a little bit of a game plan. It's not like a real NFL week. As far as preparation and install day and all that. I wouldn't think How do they divvy up reps in practice Saturday divvy up, perhaps in the game. I think Jimmy still needs to get sharp, sharper. And then once you close the doors, and he kicked the media out, it's time to get ready for Detroit. How much work do you give Jimmy? Because you're trying to keep Jimmy sharp. But you're also going to develop tray, which is an interesting You know, you got a lot of juggling acts to get this quarterback room up to speed so It's interesting, but I'm not surprised by by Steve because he he does embrace the running quarterback, and I think he must think damn Mom and dad. I love you. But I was born like 30 or 40 years too early. Could you imagine Steve Young was in the game today? This is this whole game is made for him. Yeah. What do you think of Steve Young's comments He's advocating for Trey Lance, he says. If it's close, you got to start the guy. The more dynamic guy, the guy with more upside he is in start Trey Lance Camp 415856 to 74 and 5. 80 weight can be are you know one of the things to that in thinking about this whole thing because the camp is always with Alex Smith and I was looking at Alex's final year. In Kansas City, and I think the difference is because I would. I'd like to sit Trey Lance and you and I have talked about this a million times. But Jimmy hasn't been great. Well, his last year in Kansas City, Alex Smith completed 67 a half percent of his passes. 26 touchdowns, five interceptions. Career high quarterback rating of one of 47 career highs in yards per attempt yards for completion and even in the playoff game. In that year. Alex Smith was great. He was 24 33 completed, 73% was past its two touchdowns. No interceptions of QB rating 1 16 Alex Smith was in his play in the playoffs that year, John I think they played the Colts and then then the culture, the Andrew lock back and forth game. Yeah, I think so. I think his numbers were better in that game. He threw for just two touchdowns in that game member and throw off like for 400 yards in that game. Maybe it was. You know what? You're right. 2015 Different year. Yeah. Okay, so, But my point is, is that Alex Smith was in the league 12 years He was established. He was a really top in quarterback. People didn't like it. They couldn't push it down the field. That's why Kansas City went after pack from homes. I completely get it. My point is, is that Jimmy is I'm watching Jimmy and and maybe in this final preseason game like you said, because he's going to get more time than just a series. Now we did get a 15 play series. Which is why, as you said yesterday, Cattle didn't bring him back. But where the comp falls short to me is Alex Smith was an established high end quarterback in the NFL at that point, and I understand why they replaced them with Patrick Holmes. And obviously it's worked out. Well, I would like Trey Lance to sit which is not usually like me. I want the upside guy I want the flashy guy. But I see the rawness and Trey Lance, and I think he can make a lot of mistakes That would put the defense a really good defense in some bad spots and lose some games. But Jimmy just hasn't wowed me. And that's why I'm sitting here in the middle gone because I just haven't seen it from Jimmy and I wish I would Yeah. I mean, I remember Alex vividly that year, and he did. He tried. He incorporated his lower body a lot more that you've got to get more and almost like he's an outfielder Crow happen to get to throw and just be more dynamic, throwing it down the field. I think a lot of it was my home. He's coming in a camp and just, you know. Wow. Wow. But he was, I would say. Trey, even though we only played the 17 games at North Dakota State. And, uh, you know, it's uh Patrick played more in Texas A and M. Uh, ledge Tray may be more ready to play right now that Mahomes was Mahomes was reckless where he held the ball. He would hold the ball low. He just He was a reckless you know, just is he had more to to do as far as coaching him up with my cats, Kavika and Nagy and obviously Andy.

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