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Necessary in the body and it's especially necessary during key jack diet because you know there are certain cells in our body that can't use key tones that that do need glucose for fuel and since we're not eating them we do need this process in our body taking place to produce them and you know they're a lot of research has shown like people on kito that you know maybe they're coming in like fast in the morning in the have a meal or something there's an elevation in gluconeogenesis rates but they see that kind of tapers off throughout the rest of the day in it kind of over compensates balances itself out so this this whole thing with protein consumption i think it's a little bit of a fallacy i think that a lot of times you know if you're somebody who maybe you're you're first starting kito and you're extremely insulin resistant and we know like if your insulin resistant your body's not gonna breakdown fat very well maybe that that makes a difference way when it comes to like your different macro nutrient consumption but i really haven't seen anything in myself or anybody that i've worked with with having too much protein being a huge issue on kito so i mean this is one of the things that i think is a hot button issue but the carnivore diet i've actually been on it for about two weeks now and hitting like one hundred and forty grams i'm not tracking today but one hundred forty grams a day one hundred twenty one hundred forty grams of protein per day and this way more than i was getting on a diet but i am actually still in the same level of does beforehand so between point eighty one point now and actually feel way better so i mean there's a lot of reasons i think we could dive in forever about that but.

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