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Store or online at best. Buy dot com. Hey podcast listeners. Some of you may know that over began having conversations about the deeper meaning of life and the world around us even in the early days of the oprah show when you look inward then you can begin to create another kind of pollen because we know you love super soul style discussion. We opened up. The vault of the oprah winfrey show to handpick episodes that will enhance the super podcast library. Every experience in our lives is to teach us to learn to love. Please enjoy this past. Episode of the oprah winfrey on super bowl conversations with the release of her book. A song long up to heaven a song. I like to do at a song long enough to have enough. I said many times. Maya has been one of my greatest teachers. I am so blessed to have her in my life. She is the one. I often look to for strength for wisdom for comfort and courage and also just to talk you know everytime we on the we're not talking about courage and with sometimes we just laugh a lot anyway. The sheer power of her words and insights have moved and inspired me. And i know millions of you. Maya says at a song flung up to heaven is the sixth and final in the series of books about her remarkable life which she began with. I know why cage heard sing the first book of dr angelo's bestselling autobiographical series was. I know why the caged bird sings. It made her literary star. Stayed on the new york times bestseller lists for two years. It is brutally honest account of her painful childhood and how she rose above being raped by her mother's boyfriend when she was just eight. And the six years of self-imposed silence follows next. She wrote gathered together in my name about her struggle to make ends meet as a single mother at age. Sixteen working as a cook. a dancer. a madam even a prostitute next in singing and swinging getting married like christmas. Maya takes on her journey into show business touring europe as a singer and dancer walnut phone informative and millions read the heart of a woman. Were maya takes us through one of the most fascinating periods of her life from her debut at the apollo theater to her first meeting with malcolm x. to the joys and challenges of raising a teenage son then in all god's children need traveling shoes she follows her heart to africa in search of her roots where she teaches at the university of ghana and works as a journalist alongside malcolm x. world now poet author actress activist. Dr maya angelou has risen to greatness time and time again is more phenomenal phenomenal phenomenal woman than ever. Please welcome my dear friend. Dr maya angelou do want to talk about something. Other than and wisdom shrink in hope. What is seventy four wheel like. It's so wonderful. It is so good. I thought the fifties were hunt. Until i reach the sixty the sixties out there. They're out there who. Then when i reached the seventies mount no the seventies you want to reach the seventies. everybody's stay alive reach this because do you feel age you know. This is a society that so puts age and ageing. And we're so concerned about it. Is there a point where you say. Oh yes. I'm now an older woman. No there are some things that have not escaped. Me team has not. Ecstasy has not satisfaction has not disappointment has not fear has not courage has not so there are some things which have not escaped me. So that keeps you young If you start thinking that you know it and nobody can tell you anything. You found the one way and you can tell others faults. It's already over. it's already too late. You have become old at eighteen at twenty five when you think you know everything but when you know a do a lot you've been around a long time and you've paid attention like you so interesting though because people say to me when you call her up and you talk to her. Does she talk like she talks when she's and it is true many times i call them my and like just the other day he says on the morning. I'm sitting in my kitchen table and she just starts a conversation. Let me get a pencil. write this down. She's talking and then she are you there baby go. Yes so tell me. What is this significant of a song flung up heaven It comes from the third verse in the nba by pauline's dunbar. And i'd love to say please. That may i the first. I says i know what the caged bird fields on me when the sun is bright on upland slopes when the wind blows saw through the springing grass and the river. Floats like a sheet glass when the first bird sings and the first bird oaths and the same perfume from its chalice steals. I know but the caged bird field. The last very says and i know why the caged bird sings on me when its wings a bruised and its bosom sore. It beats its bars and would be free. It's not a carol of joy or glee but a prayer that is sins from his heart deep core but a song that it sends up to heaven it flame. That's why the aids very wise. I get it we began with. I know why the caged bird sings and we end with the last verse last line. A song flung up to heaven. You are smart deep deep this up your heart. Each new our hose new chances for new beginning do not be wedded. Forever to fear yoked eternally to brutishness. The horizon leans forward offering you space to place new steps of chain here on the pulse of this fine day. You may have the courage to look up and out and upon me the rock the river the tree your country no less to midas than the mendicant no less to you now than the mastodons in here on the pulse of this new day. You may have the grace to look up an hour and into your sister's eyes and then to your brothers face your country and say simply very simply with hope. good morning. That.

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