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On the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart all thanks to Nathan Apodaca, better known as dogface to await. He made a tic tac of himself cruising down the street on a longboard while drinking ocean spray cran raspberry juice and let's thinking Stevie Nicks. The video went viral. It's closing in on 50 million views with copycat videos by everyone from Dr Phil. To Mick Fleetwood himself. Stacy Brooks. Katie our news. There's no accounting for what goes viral and what doesn't go. I know I just love that song knows. I'm glad that was going viral. Alright, Here's Danny Sullivan in the Valley Chevy Dealers Traffic center. All right. I tend. It is very heavy this morning. It is going to be on the eastbound side from 75th Avenue all the way to Seventh Avenue. Also, there was an accident on I 17 South found Approaching Camelback Road, but it got cleared off the freeway really fast. So no accident on that freeway And as far as your delays go, you know what you do have a slow spot that is going to be from about Bethany Home Rose. It's often on all the way down to the stack transition. You start to pick up the pace, and then you slow back down around Buckeye on over towards seventh Street on that freeway. Also, crews are working to crash on history. A parkway is going to be at Roosevelt South of 10 Report Brought to you by Scott Condi Dentistry. Are you afraid of the dentist? Or are you in pain right now? Trust the compassionate team at Scott Condi Dentistry schedule by calling for 80497 2000 today, Danny Sullivan knees with sunny skies the rest of the week.

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