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Money in the world of businesses. Trading is already underway. We welcome and Ed Corey live at the Bloomberg News Desk. Stocks moving higher Charity The Dow up 51 points at 3 35,088. The NASDAQ is up 44, the S and P is seven points higher. Five of the top six best places to buy a home in the United States are in Texas, according to a new ranking. The city of Frisco, part of the fast growing down his Fort Worth Metro Thomas. The list that comes from wallet, huh? Boston is in second place. Three more Dallas Fort Worth suburbs McKinney, Denton and Alan. Hold down the numbers 45 and six spots. Oil prices up one and three quarter percent 66 79 Right now the Dow is up. 73 points live with the Bloomberg Business Report. I'm Ed Korea NewsRadio 1200 w O a. I think said, Get the latest news anytime anywhere. Just tell your voice activated. Smart device to play news radio 1200 w Away I and I heart radio. I'm charity McCurdy, NewsRadio 1200 w O A. I now traffic and weather together. Mhm. When you hear that hunger calling your name and you need to get some boom. Gotta find yourself a book sweater. Open it up. Whether cookin something good Listen. There's some fuel for my machine ain't no halfway in between. Gotta give me something A before I follow up the people Then hop on that old horse of yours and head on down. The Roy's, Yeah. Roy Rogers Restaurants invite you to try their new dynamic burger. It's a juicy burger topped with the jalapeno poppers. Tripoli ranks us pet Project cheese and bacon. Roy's They say how they Here They welcome you to say so Come on down to go is and have a cowboy kind of deep. Yeah. Dynamite burger at Roy Rogers restaurants. It's one dynamite Burger Doordash and Uber Eats are available at participating restaurants. Okay? Mm hmm. Opening ceremonies in Tokyo 2020 pair Olympics games. So I told you earlier. I was so looking forward.

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