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Jason kidd though did evolved throughout his career it did take him a while to end up being what is he like top five all time and three pointers made i know why he became there's no doubt about it but this i know you can't see this on radio ugly shot an even worse dan forty eight percent from the free throw line now you tell me for god who handles the ball that is unacceptable yes unacceptable a big man who can't make free throws i get it right guard who now doesn't want contact and won't take the ball the whole because he's afraid to go to the line that you cannot have that lonzo the most free throws he shot the game this year is seven yeah and it really is for so many years her but that doesn't matter he's not shooting any free throws in those games anyway in the games that he's playing it would be i think it's i think it's gonna work out but if you are if you're in you mentioned lebron if you are looking at places when she love a pass first point guard playing next to you i get that part but you gotta be a better player too now i can't count on you to make free throws i can't count on you to make an open open shop when when the ball has to get to you in in a playoff dan who are we saginaw fall to up to two d on the other guy you're playing at a disadvantage is what i'm saying in the play offs until he can prove to you that he can make those shots that's why it's not attractive people keep saying well no matter no yes it does matter the going to double up somebody else and make lonzo ball shoot tabasco you don't have to score forty you gotta make to.

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