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About it mmhm in our lives and all right the show I saw above terrible story made no sense to me at all and with all due respect to the airlines they're doing the best they can and I know they've suspended food service and drink service I guess all that stuff I don't know I'm I'm not positive I'm flown I'm done anything in forty nine days but sit in this house but be that as it may you know there are some people out there that are selling airplane food online and people are flocking to have airline food delivered to their homes for what to eat believe it or not and the company is well named M. perfect foods there's so many other options they have sold forty thousand snack trays like you would get on an airliner it's not I don't I don't if I if push came to shove they would admit they're not that good what is going on in our world will buy anything so feet where are you he will really seriously people really are recalled you know I was just wondering how they get some of that delicious airline food delivered to our home without having to fly anywhere you do we can pretend that listen here's what I want you to do I want you to sit in front of me and just as I get my tray of airline food I went to the lead all the way back so that your line food is almost unreachable because of your chair back all I wanted was back no you can't because they're not allergies so anyway let's get on with what you do so well which is fine there's some relief out there in some wonderful restaurants with wonderful let delivery or carry out or curb service or whatever and of course you can go to WJW chewing the group letting us know about your restaurant or your place of business and and then of course we talk about things we can get online but that or on the Netflix or anywhere else but that that kind of you can go to that and find it yourself but anyway talk to me about I think one of on your list right now is TLC cafe in Berkeley and so actually the lunch cafe they're giving out lots of TLC yeah like that I see a play on words what you sent me was J. okay never heard of it but that's fine this one this one is in Berkeley and incentive that nasty airline food here's a much better option owner Cindy and Angela open the business back in two thousand seven so they said they they went through that a rough time with the economy and if they can get through that they definitely can get through this so you can order and they have delivery and also up pick up everything is made from scratch a Cindy says they serve about eighty five different soups they even make the dressing from scratch and so it's a lunch cafe it is end of Berkeley you know we're Berkeley is Oak Park Royal Oak Ferndale that area and also they got a boost from business they said a recently from Morgan Stanley office they are hired them to deliver TLC to first responders so they sent up to Beaumont hospital in Royal Oak in Detroit's Sinai grace hospital so all you have to do is go on their website they do have a website I have pulled up their menu it is massive they have sandwiches soups dressings salads wraps in Berkeley on twelve mile they're open like ten AM to four PM daily and I Saturday they say they have suspended hours until things get a little bit better sorry in Berkeley okay in Berkeley and I I suspect I'm wondering today is national Limerick day yeah we have a breaking story from our WJHL rector with a he has another one yet another Limerick this is very unusual for you dead but I'm very emotional liberal day it's a special day it is a national amber day there was a young man named P. dub who frequently talks about grub he wonders can we still get food freebies without looking too sleazy something we don't want a flub man it you you the I I apparently Limerick's where your thing in school if there was a Limerick competition you were winning it math science English I'm not so good but Limerick's yeah there once was a planet called earth that was always full of mirth then a nasty virus came we will will we ever be the same watch out in nine months for all of the births at what I call those corona babies we we have a name for those on the panel we have a name.

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