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Wellbeing and they can see whether the money's coming from where it's being spent. You're not privy to the plans of behind those. Accounts on. It's very much an into protection now, many allies, including MONUC had received funding from it. So as from external sources over the year. So when you see lost making here, you don't necessarily chronic can think, right. I'm going to redo my see. I'm going to go from the frying pan into the fire. So the must have been a few signals and at times must have been a little worried because Monica started leaking pilots. A small drip province than a than a leak to be on. The main reason is the doesn't ally. I mean, let's be on his. We all have to work to pay the bills, but it was a very, very friendly. We will well treated. We had a lot of respect for the management. We had high standards and the flying that we in the main was very enjoyable. So there was no great desire to go somewhere else may be the what load was higher and their renumeration was last. So yes, some pilots did leave. We did have a period of time. The company downsized the number of Achraf and there were pay was apparent of time where there was a consultation of redundancies in the Pollock community. We weren't able to sit down with the company and to the into Volta trae redundant say's all. Compulsive than than say, it's a quantum of guys took the opportunity to what they saw maybe as a career break to go full years. And there was provision to come back to the line after taking voluntary redundancy. So cool if you guys did tighten option probably within the back of their mind to come back oversee option anymore. Now, for a lot of you monk had a wonderful pension scheme that would have kept to very keen to stay in very keen for the line to keep going, what kind of scheme wasn't. It was a funnel, celery pensions game. When I joined the company in two thousand one that were hunt full of aligns offered final salary pensions games, and they were the goal play tip pension. You as the employees might contribution and the employer contribution based on the number of years of service, you ended up with a percentage of your. Final salary. As you'll annual pension, it wasn't subject to the vagaries of the stock.

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