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Being able to read the defense is more important than being able to read but what makes fans. Ville truly special are the people who call it home field the type of people who tailgate before the tailgate worn afraid to shout my grandma could have made that kick because that's the honest truth passionate fans down by loyalty tradition and the sweet sweet nectar the college football Gods Tatra get a taste of fans villas fall during a college football game near you Dr Pepper the official drake of fans. It's bill grab some today. be sure to check out extra time over on our youtube channel as always we stay late answer some of your questions breaking news as well next time we'll be discussing shack is new diet well. which sounds sounds miserable? Let's preview. It's the whole thirty does that's good pretense house so I didn't doesn't involve Perroni. Sakari going be on much craig to shock and Ali will be back tomorrow to reflect on false against into welcome into extra-time food sometimes dominates this segment and it continues today as shockers announces on a brand new diets the whole third. It's all Dan this is Mississippi sloppy and you for some stupid reason agreed to go 'cause. I'm a supporting husband. Oh so what would no alcohol no uh-huh Shogun now and in Macau like dairy dairy nuts no pinup now grains and and to be fair shepherds good diet because all the things you mentioned why the hell would no alcohol talk about the general since since I remember when we were together you were on a diet and one day you all you had to do in in case what what was that this this this is the it must have a name but we own you as the cashback is diet who you will remember us in cash inaccuracy. It was imaging with us who who discovered this thought and handed on it was a twenty diet that went in cycles so free as it may be only be meat free days. It only be so whatever but the best fit was a day right in the middle of it was the day where you can only eat cake. It was worth it and you have a twenty two days. That sounds made up what he works. It works tree as well. I'm sure it's yours. Isn't something made up at all Shag. It's all right. It's all things up for me. Goes yes day on the Diet good the St sure knows that a couple of weeks ago she's been saying that she wants to go in Diet and so what's tonight's today it's. I don't know that's price when you get home. We have pretty much you mentioned exercise. Saotome reluctant overstepped by the good thing is you shouldn't have just die alone because it just dieting itself is not the right way to go both to hey. We are because lesson because if you dot you've continued to diet for the rest when you stop the Diet and the way Oh come back on you huffed huffed balanced diet lifestyle you have to balance it with exercise has to be both otherwise that's the big mistake people come and see me about it sucks mistake and I've tried till the time you I just don't remember Steve us on twitter and he said if you pay me a thousand dollars or lose twenty one accompanied by a picture of his feet he he goes things completely that only because his home you know not a bike fro side one of those a what do you call this even needs oil because as you know training at home is 'cause you yourself on it for layup less than three minutes. You'll be exercise guru. You can't do this how you know in the summer. I don't exercise because I play golf but you've Sydney new answer machine with a total over the road all the employees who come to Jim. They'll come up to me. What is I is your. There's nobody more unapproachable. Craig on one of them yet elliptical machines. I've never seen angry. It would never see the angrier exercise. I'll listen you can leave my a website other guys going angry. People hate it. When the Professor Chaka questions questions right now join off the champions think scoreline to the boy still thing the spurs of the third best scored in the Premier League one on Saturday. Yes yeah yes. I don't know wh where he got the answer. From the second bub-bubba yes switching gays chimpanzee checks wife wants it done right an album of home tonight. I'll applaud good will applaud safest vote in the Premier League focus along that Bubba Bubba was trying to think about who might it'd be better and you when you think about how old it was between the Spurs and that's where it between Ostlund Monday night when you look at what else is around them if the third best golden them primarily who is less than maybe Abi Egan to the right but said you up the bubble bumps. Meghan happened daily Allie. He's asking himself that there was an opportunity today and he was what's nowhere to be found. No I think it needs a exercise guru. Just put it out there. More of a motivational speaker actually can do all in one all inclusive package. They're just leaving me. Love Me. You Me jazzed about go to your calls. Motivation got up. I have done a course motivation. Of course you lever. Thanks God save us from so check is better than pepe. I think it's ironic timing yeah wow yeah yes peppy needs time oh boy. He's been playing well for final one does he. I wonder if he needs any trump right safer. Maybe the bank for more than Ramsey can't touch the ball without the ref with hands up begging. That was the best bit about the Madrid Dhabi that weekend. It was after about five minutes. He Flattens Gel in Venice. It's not a particularly bad fell for the best is themselves. Why even saint going out. There's nothing happens. You're absolutely fine. rambles does go the whole the whole act is not just the file is the whole everything that goes with it said when he made that mistake in the second half could save from Ariella when he was next on the ball. There was a lot of whistling towards rambles. Yeah I mean I think I think it was a more collective goblet. What's happening rather than specifically about Reynolds but but but it is true and a response to his mistake in that in that opportunity rather than if you kind of the fans turning against him it's response to that moment there there there are different types of whistles. I don't know that sounds ridiculous. Please choose different types of whistles from fans exactly summa cum by boy some out some bring the sheet this way and some of them are your rubbish piled. Craig range of whistling wasn't it can last depends what whoa how would you vote cemented till admonition. She can whistle one way a walk. Let's Jackie Wessel the way but the two different rate yours. Wessler is if you can't. I can't whistle accomplish what you would think what's bad continente right well. Something's dog right get exposed to attack yeah well. He's walking along and he's the guy said you will suggesting that was carrying timber. Maybe maybe you should go down to the Real Madrid and suggest cake day old all fight or not. You could just cool you yeah. That'd that'd be a treat when we might be laughing at. Everyone's laughing at Craig now but I can see this happening sometime. In March rounded sudden you get right. They win the Champions League on the night the champions Trophy and some design. What's the secret well funny. You should ask that. This is Scottish Sky Right. We took the call whistle whistle right. You've seen in the gym. I'm focused yes. It's five days a week at least why you say. Let's just with anything. I'm the when it comes to talk about it you do. I don't come in here. I never mentioned nine and six swine. It made me such a big still in the fridge you. I think it's on a big you know somebody's going to completely tend not to try out tomorrow and UNITA data motivational speaking cleanly guys you guys you can just oh you like Steve Nicol v Hits March and again dispersed I think..

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