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Virginia democratic governor. Ralph northern says he is not resigning despite numerous calls to do. So the controversy began more than a week ago with the release of a racist medical school yearbook photo northern spoke with CBS this morning. Co host Gayle king. We have worked very hard. We've had a good first year. And and I'm a leader I've been in some very difficult situations. Life and death situations taking care of sick children. And right now, Dr right now Virginia need someone that can Hugh. There's no better person to do that. Then a doctor. The interview will be broadcast tomorrow on CBS this morning Virginia. Lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax is denying accusations of sexual assault. Attorney general Mark herring admits to wearing black face during a college party years ago. The first Grammys have been awarded today. Live to CBS news. Correspondent Steve Futterman at the staple center with some of the winners in Los Ange. Angeles. Gary big night already for a number of music. Stars brandy. Carlisle has won three Grammy awards for lady Gaga has to. She could win more bit later country star Casey must graves has to and of course, in two hours, the prime time Grammy show will air on CBS. The top awards will be presented record song and album of the year live at the Grammy awards in Los Angeles. Steve Futterman, CBS news talks on border security of apparently stalled endangering efforts to avert a partial government shutdown Friday at midnight, the president wants five point seven billion dollars, which has been rejected by Democrats acting White House chief of staff mock, Mick Mulvaney, says you cannot take a shutdown off the table, and you cannot take a five point seven off the table. But if you end up someplace in the middle. Yeah. Then what you probably sees the president say. Yeah. Okay. And then I'll go find the money someplace else Mulvaney on NBC's, meet the press winters hammering sections of the northeast.

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