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Be George KCBS bay area forecast. Mostly clear overnight a little bit breezy overnight. Lows upper thirty s to mid forties later on today. Partly to mostly sunny, highs in the sixties rain returning overnight Sunday into Monday, traffic and weather together on the eighth on all news, one of six nine AM seven forty KCBS little over two hours ago. A fire broke out in a home in Redwood City at left one. Person dead another injured. Fire officials say the fire on Jackson street started around eleven pm. The cause of that. Redwood City blaze is still under investigation. So Nauman county is approved one hundred and fifty thousand dollars to help flood victims get shelter while their homes are being repaired, and this case CBS's, Megan gold spe- reports from sonoma's they are also considering changing some vacation rental regulations so waters receded weeks ago, but says west county supervisor Linda Hopkins constituents that I know personally who are literally camping out in their own backyards or are looking at possibly moving to Lake County or other places because they just can't afford to find a rental near here in the lower Russian river area. That's because it was already at tight market. So she says the hope is that this money will help people stick it out during the repairs instead of leaving one fifty is probably not going to be enough. But my hope is that at least one hundred fifty thousand dollars will get people come. Through the doors. So we'll start to know how great the need is. And then at the need exceeds one hundred fifty thousand dollars. It will definitely be looking for alternate. Sources of funding to try to help get these people in houses do not want to see a sharp uptick in homelessness in the lower Russian river result of this flood to that end. She says county officials are also considering a possible moratorium on new vacation home rentals for the time being Guerneville has become a popular spot for second homes and rentals something that caused its own problems in last month's flooding people who weren't actually able to even come up before the flood because they're weekenders where able to actually raise their property in their belongings above the flood levels. And so that actually contributed to excessive debris in the area in cinema county. Megan gold, speak KCBS. It was basically a front row seat for the Pacific coast storms that pass through northern California. This Radi winter it was a lighthouse on the north coast KCBS Larry Sharoni with the story from Mendocino county spend some time at the point arena. Lighthouse and you'll get an. Idea of what are rough winter rot on the north coast flows through the rivers up. Here have been among the highest that have been seen for quite a long time. Or can cock executive director of the point arena. Lighthouses land movement has been a big problem with the oceans unceasing attempts of reclaiming land in the guise of a giant sinkhole opened up two months ago. And when it first appeared it was about ten feet in diameter. It's now up to forty five feet in diameter, and it's open all the way down to where you can see the ocean coming through from the c- cave to the east, which is what scoured out the inside and caused it to be formed. Hancock says another sinkhole has also turned up with the land seeking more each day. All this. He says while debris from the Russian river flooding continues to float by there was a very significantly huge fiberglass hot tub was bobbing around in the waves. Probably about two hundred yards off of the coastline. Talk has no idea where it ended up buddy. Know when the weather lives and blue skies return, you can see gray whales right now migrating up the coast from Baja to Alaska Hancock says they've spotted forty to fifty day over the last two weeks. Larry Sharoni KCBS wherever.

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