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Of the votes cast to defeat seven other challengers, all vying for the seat that became available after councilman Steve Arocca resigned in early March, a fifty year old former police detective in mesquite has pleaded guilty in federal court in Utah, in teenage sex case Gary Erickson of bunkerville, avoided trial with his plea on Monday to charge of crossing state lines to engage in illicit sexual conduct Ericsson is expected to face up to five years in prison was arrested in September of last year after the parents of fifteen year old Saint George voi- contacted police about photos, the team had been exchanging with Ericsson previewing, potentially nasty fight, if they meet in the general election next year, President Trump, and Joe Biden have been trading barbs in Iowa before leaving here for the president lobbed. Great school insults at Biden. Calling him a loser? You'll buy a dummy at later council bluffs, that nobody respects by dot even other Democrats saying where is he what happened at nearly the same moment on the other side of I will fight and said he was fascinated by all the presidential attention. But bided himself had already mentioned, the president by name, roughly a dozen times while insisting he was just pointing out policy differences, not mudslinging totally different than attacking his character or lack thereof. If you aren't saga megani at the White House Mexico's beginning deployment of its new national guard for immigration enforcement. The six thousand strong force as part of an agreement with the US to head off threatened American tariffs on Mexican imports. Mexican officials say guard members deployed near Mexico's southern border with Guatemala will register migrants offer them options for regularizing their immigration status in return, those who don't want to register. Another employment is going to the border with the United States to attend to migrants who have been returned to Mexico while their asylum. Claims are processed in US courts, I'm Mike Kemp a chillers temporary cooling stations are opening during daytime hours in the Las.

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