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What are they making on a car? It's not a lot, you know, back probably ten years ago. It was probably a little, you know, pretty pretty decent, you know, maybe anywhere between thirteen hundred twenty five hundred dollars. You know? We got a lot more to ask hunter swift a lot more to as countries swift. Whether great guest, vice president of sales and client relations at dealer world. A full-service Eddie gency for car dealers. I'm Walter m sterling this is sterling on Sunday, and we're live on Sunday night coming home from thanksgiving. Sterling on Sunday. Walter stern. So here's the latest from the wwl stormcenter happened early. When old man winter shows up on announced, we've got you covering wintry. Mix has turned to snow in place might be looking at a piece looks out there. How long it'll fall and how much of a message to leave behind slippery. When wet is reality for us this morning. And across the region during the morning hours for Washington's most accurate and dependable forecast. Depend on the Weather Channel. That's something. We're gonna be watching and W M A L. What would it take for you to get a tattoo? You didn't want a million dollars? How about a million sucks? I'm Randy from bama's when me and my business partner, Dave has a going quitter jobs to start a sock company. Bombay's? We wanted to make the best socks in the history of feet. No, more annoying seem no more falling down your leg added. Art support. You get the idea and what's better than creating the best socks in the history of feet sharing them..

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