John Walford, Jared Goff, NFL discussed on Arizona's Morning News


Rain, the high 60 tonight clear with a low of 40 right now. In Sun City, mostly cloudy skies. 42 degrees. Weather is brought to you, by Howard Air Way had to the Parker and Sun Sports desk with Paul Calvi See, And I wonder how many calls Rick Neuheisel's getting this week from coaches and media because he coached John Woolford without shots. You know what it is a big week. Forget Bloody Basin Road and detour. Dan's report. I'm calling this bloody Basin game Week win and you're in. The question is who's in at quarterback? Because Guess what we didn't buy yesterday here. That Jared Goff was going to play through a broken and dislocated thumb on his throwing hand fishing. No Jared Goff is having surgery from the Rams hand specialist. So he's gonna be John Walford from the A F in Arizona. Hotshot. Yep. NFL network there. So he said to make his first NFL start and throw his first NFL pass. Now will he go against Chris Trembler? The backup to Kyla Murray? Because, remember Kyler He heard his lower right leg on that final throw, See how it feels right to put him out there. If if he can't play, you know at a high level and doesn't feel safe to play. All right. We'll see. I'd be shocked if Skylar wasn't going so cardinals going to go to L. A. They beat Ella and guess what they are into the playoffs first time since 2015. The Bills are definitely in Man. Last time they swept the Patriots in a season. 1999 They Jackson, New England, 38 to 9 Suns Pelicans eight o'clock tonight on 98. 7 FM, Arizona Sports in the Padres trading for another ace pitcher this time, Yu Darvish that of sports ball QVC on Katya our news. You know what Let's give ourselves the gift around here. I mean, now that you know, Christmas is over. It's the final days of the bill for the holiday sales event, although some of us couldn't wait. All right, I went I went in the early days. Yeah, the early days of the bill for the holiday sales, man. I'm telling you, it's some of the best savings of the year at our desert for dealers. I drove home America's best selling brand Got savings. El Gran Day. I mean,.

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