A new story from My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark


You're causing the boat tip, yes? Absolutely does but I think what is impressive is before. What would have taken four years for the running side to side to stop of arguing of like well. Here's some dumb. Political stance actually isn't related and doesn't make sense right instead of any of that, there's just people are learning this very quick like oops. That was mistake and the discomfort I think this is maybe for me personally what I've learned in the last four years of doing this podcast. which is basically the the theme of this? PODCAST is mistakes. In many ways hopes sorry about that right, but what I've learned is the pain of your mistake and the shame. You feel because you made a mistake in. You got called out as privileged racist blindspot whatever it is. You should be say. Thank you for that pain because it is nothing compared to the pain of somebody watching a family member gets shot in front of them because they didn't, they did one. They didn't do the right thing or whatever they're just basically been profiled. It's nothing compared to the pain of being in constant fear of your life. It is just an ego personal thing that you can absolutely get over easily. Yeah, and all you have to do is say sorry and I'm going to do better the end and And stop talking about yourself. That's I every as we talk about ourselves else. Seven minutes straight every tweet. I've put up. That hasn't just been a re tweet of someone smarter than me. Who knows more than me? I've deleted because you don't even realize how fucking self-centered it sounds eaten when I'm like fuck this and fuck that and I'm you know and here's what I think it's like. Yes, you don't realize how much it is about you while you're when you're blabbing your mouth until fucking, see it and you're like. Shut up you. I don't fucking voice in this. I get to support other voices well. Yeah, and the whole point of social media is blabbing your mouth about ourselves..

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