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What do abortion rights have to do with economic development? Montgomery county's executive thinks new, restrictive abortion laws elsewhere could help his county expand its workforce. The county plans to retain an advertising company to put out messages targeting businesses and workers in states that are rolling back or could roll back, abortion rights, county executive Mark elric. We want to be proactive advertising these areas for them to be considered coming to Montgomery county, where women's women's health is protected. He says the campaign could target states like Texas, Florida, Mississippi, and even Virginia. We'll see what governor youngkin does. I mean, that would be relatively easy move for people to go across the Potomac river. They wouldn't have to deal with that bridge. John Aaron WTO P news. 5 24 here in our election 2022 coverage continues on WTO. One of the Democrats running for governor in Maryland puts an emphasis on public safety and policing. Doug gansler, who previously served as the state's attorney general, says funding the blueprint for Maryland's future and education reform plan is a priority. Well, we have a lot of money right now. Excess money, and I think there's no better place to put that than in public safety and in education. Chancellor a Democrat also wants more training in the area of mental health for police officers. Part of my plan calls for hiring 1000 new police officers, making sure we bridge the trust gap between law enforcement and the communities they serve. On the economy, I am very interested in making sure businesses thrive. Public transit should get more attention says Chancellor on plans to replace the American legion bridge and add toll lanes. No one likes to pay tolls. But he adds. I mean, the American legion bridge has to be rebuilt. As far as adding a span to the Chesapeake Bay bridge, connecting shady grove to Frederick, making sure we enhance metro. Those are much more important projects, prioritize projects right now. Kate Ryan, WTO news. You can read the interviews with all of the Marilyn governor candidates at WTO P dot com search candidates. The Maryland primary, by the way, is July 19th. Money news at 25 and 55 Buick took the top spot on the 2022 JD power rankings of non electric vehicle brands, Dodge maintains its second place ranking followed by Chevrolet, but the studies showed vehicle problems across the industry reached a record high. JD power says supply chain interruptions and staff shortages contributed to quality issues. If you're planning a 4th of July cookout, Jeff clay bosses inflation has hit there too. The American farm bureau federation says the typical cookout for tan will cost about $70, that's 17% more than last year. The biggest jump will be for those burgers, ground beef prices are up 36% chicken is up 30%, even ice cream costs 10% more than it did last 4th of July. And it got to have ice cream for heaven's sakes. About the only thing on the picnic table that will be cheaper than a year ago are the potato chips. Money news brought to you by whole foods market. At Whole Foods market, get pork baby back ribs for 6.99 pounds through July 5th. While supplies last, plus, prime members get an extra 10% off. See more. On

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