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I don't want to be an ass and say my show but Guys take forty eight. I tried to wrap a lot of like really major principles into that it's What is bitcoin And i cover a lot of like the social scale ability and stuff Like a lot of the key principles of networks and language and kind of what. Bitcoin is in that context I've gotten a lot of great feedback from now. And so i think that's a pretty decent intro but then i would say The bullish case for bitcoin and or the bitcoin standard both excellent books Bush case doesn't have an audio book yet. but We've got a short version on the podcast actually but safin rights bitcoin standard And then i also mentioned layered money by nick bhatia. It's a slightly different perspective. Because it's the history of the The history of the monetary system compared to like kind of overlapping and onto the bitcoin system. But it's brilliant. There's so many good things in it. So maybe maybe kinda start with one of those and kind of build from there. I didn't feel free to hit me a. Dm if you got you know questions or something dive into all right. I have a feeling. I'm going to take you up on that. The podcast is the bitcoin audible. Podcast guy swan. Thank you very much. i appreciate it and we'll talk again real soon. Yes sir annan later. Thanks everybody for listening catch next time. Piece this podcast is a part of the c. Suite radio network for more tap business. Podcasts visit c. Suite radio dot com..

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