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It's there. I don't care right of course Still in two thousand twenty one. We know him. As danny bryson for now until i married aged cock smith family. Lord cox-smyth himself. So i guess bringing with him all his wealth from the old while you still the cockpit so yeah i'm here and it's great to be back at home and not in the compound after you were all over the world danny totally some of it. All the way from switzerland to california california and you know what it's nice to be back home Where i can sleep in a room where the walls aren't paper-thin. I can't hear everybody on the other side of my room. In the compound is the bunk bedroom. Where all kids a. All boys aged five to like eleven. Were sleeping now. Many of them are there and let me just tell you the fighting the jokes the weiner talk that happened on the other side of that wall i had to go in three times over that period and like yell at people who were not my kids Talking about wieners. Just like yelling fighting building bridges from one bank to the other that were not structurally sound and then they way would go to bed the same time me and wake up before me and start playing smash brothers with tv against it was just. It was a long week. Yeah very wake. Yeah the things you do to stay on the payroll. Kids love that love Going out there because it is like the ultimate thing swimming playing with cousins and stuff like that. The adults swimming in the pond orangutan's yes swimming in the pond. Got champagne into pond traditionally in the pond. Yeah like a floating trampoline. Wow that's cool climbed. Isn't that igbo really. It's big enough for a floating trampoline. It is probably feels like a lake. Seems like a mudhole back on. It is so it's good to be back. These happy to be backfire. Where you why. Don't you take a tent. And just go out in the. I have thought about that. Is white noise machine. Oh i use that. y'all usable. Yeah i you have to everybody's got one in the room because it's allowed The ten idea. I've considered many years just as you know it gets really. There's a lot of precipitation. Yeah so i mean if you have up over it and stuff. I'm like sleeping rough. I mean it's like getting close to the point. Where i would like to sleep in tents now but i think you can do like inflate a king mattress one of those really nice once put a tent and then put a tarp in the trees over the tent so that the tarp is not on the tent but above it i i get the system. I know grand juries..

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