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Is now batting three fifty four he's also the only picture this season that has hit more home runs than he's allowed and fear a big fan of andrews and simmons look at this tonight is your night the angels are handing out those beauty of a bobble head of the gold glove winning shortstop sure to be a collector's item and caroline wants to take it home to the players championship and for the second straight wing tiger woods tried to make the cut and he did banks import to this long birdie putt tiger finishing at one under which was right on the cut line yet the big story today was a play of webb simpson he type of course record with a nine hundred sixty three moving him to fifteen under for the turnament good enough for a five shot lead heading into tomorrow's round which you can see right here on nbc four beginning at eleven am now to football where the chargers were one of twenty two nfl teams to open rookie minicamp today from all reports things went quite well for first round pick derwin james who still just to a new playbook learn new new language i mean i i feel like come coming along day by day didn't expect me to get it all on on the first day but i feel like i got a right coaches around enough like how move in the right direction i had been in the football games says december so man this is coming out here finally get mcleese back on the ground and are moving fast and going to get somebody on a lot of time i've been working just working out but now i get a lot of people all right speaking of fun quarterback josh rosen city had a great time as he opened a rookie camp today with the zona cardinals rose into a four year deal worth nearly eighteen million dollars it also includes a ten million dollar signing bonus so the cardinals are all in on the former ucla and saint john bosco star let's kick it to soccer where the big question is what's happening to the galaxy they've lost four of their last five falling to eighth place in the western conference and as the loss start to mount is it starting to test the patience of star striker slot on ebrahim abridge is a new situation for me lose three in twenty years so but it's okay i don't complain all right always the.

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