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Block island sound it's america's money program money talk grinker here in our guest in this segment is nationally recognized tax at spurt and spokesperson for jk lassiter barbara wealth mun barber it's great to have you back thanks for joining us oh i love dan with you you know it well we've we've done it more than once it's not our first rodeo is it now barbara welcome is our guest and of course we're going to be talking about the two thousand your two thousand sixteen income tax return no him he doesn't seventeen return a that's correct we're going to be talking about i must i must have gone into a time machine there uh we're going to be talking about your two thousand seventeen income tax return and that has to be filed by wind barber well you don't have to file it until april seventeen th of twenty eight john or you can get a sixmonth extension and you don't have any really but it's good to think about some yearend actions that can positively affect what you're going to pay yes so we're going to talk about that for sure absolutely for sure and uh i might point out to our money talk listeners that a barbara has been honoured by the wall street journal as quote the guru of small business taxes unquote how do you feel about that honour well it's a good titled to charter look and of course the k lesser small business taxes two thousand seventeen is celebrating its 23rd year we should point out edited that an 18 a david foul 25 years it's really hard to believe that's right two thousand eighteen addition yeah that's amazing truly amazing so much to talk about will take right to it firstly i just want to get your opinion as a nationally recognized tax expert in particular of law all of this tax talk we're hearing out of washington this tax bill what do you think well having just read through the uh what the hague past and looked at what the senate was considering it's a little overwhelming it's a lot of changes if it comes to.

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