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She will flown on. People are so lucky that you've got listened to modest mouse Jensen spent that tire time talking about PK who just discovered here's the thing. I have never in my life seen Pok Mon episode. They have cartoons that I've never played the card game Pokemon. I have no connection to anything regarding Pokemon. Then how are you so excited by it? I don't even. Okay. I like the idea, and I also think that the started somewhat like post modern and jokey and kind of snarky. Sure, of course, now, I just have genuine love. It's actual true Ernest care for the idea that Pika CHU is a normal person or whatever. He just puts on a tiny hat, and he becomes a good detective. Right. Just that's the only thing that difference. The only difference and people compared to like Larkana glasses taking. No, no, no, no. He had to put a full superman suit. He had to put on Cape. He had to go to a phone booth to do it in this case just one thousand hat on two thousand detective. And that is such an amazing. The other thing that I think is amazing about the chew. And by the way, this is not an ad at all. I just I don't even know if it's going to be good. But the reviews have been phenomenal like every movie reviews like you're gonna love detective Pika to which is a sentence. I didn't expect to read. Hey, gave the Mexico u you still watching Pichu. What's that? He is he could you and the other thing. So now, I don't know why. But I want my unborn son to have a detective Pika chew plush doll see this is where I think maybe you need to dial it down. Kid doesn't care. Miss the opportunity. For the kid. Of course, it's not it's for that. That might be. But I did EBay at while. We were in the last song segment, and I did find that they make. Detective Pika chew hats. So I can buy one of the little hats and on coming out of the side. You'd be a detective then I will coming out sides are peekapoos ears. They're like plush. If I put on the hat, not only will I be wearing the detective hat and also be wearing the ears. Sure. And then I thought maybe the level of your excitement for that. Though of sir buying that. I'd never seen you happier except your wedding date. That's it. That's the only number two. You're right. I best day of my life my wedding. Then for good reason. It was a very time. Second best day my life the day. I found out they make detective could you hats and also. What it'd be weird. And hear me out. If when my baby is born I'm rooting on my wife, go. Yeah. And she looks over. And I'm wearing the detective Pika ju hat with the ears. I mean, she hadn't seen it put it on because because I need to step up. All right, normal, normal normal babies coming one thousand hat two thousand detective I throw you out of the rooms. Question joy being married. Yes. Probably shouldn't don't go that. But if you go on can you have it in time for weenie roast? Oh, see where that all all around. I probably could have plush dolls. They have PVC figures. I as someone who knows nothing about the property or the character might become the world's largest collector. I mean to be fair it at all is door with the two little radios. What did you say you said pitchers at detective play? Don't feel that way about Pika Choo Choo. Yes. I I have I have never ever made fun of Pokemon. I'd like him. I go who would be into that card game. And then they have a peak achieve mask like a latex mask with the hat. Okay kit. Does. Very concerning. We've lost that'd be honest at the latex mass does look like a sex cult thing. With all that guy. Now. Crazy extra hard today. Wait, hold on accident. Just by I didn't mean to that was supposed to be joke. No, no, you should buy. What are you talking about? I want the happened. Now just about the late test math. No, not what I wanted to do. All right. Take a break suggesting that that was a mistake..

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