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Has spawned a vast and sophisticated relaxation industry and industry that Giovanni is only too happy to ignore people spend thousands of dollars to go to spas and retreats. She tells me, but every corner of the church or temple or mosque where you can find the same thing. Very simply. Her. Attachment church is is less about religious observance and more about being able to always find a home, even a strange land. No matter how alone you all you go to church, and you feel that the other people are also looking for something. She tells me that quest is an is being a Cuesta my whole life. I have to thank Henry Reese Sheridan for those top tips, cutting down on spa fees by simply popping into a church. Instead the latest issue of monocle magazine is out on all good news stands this week. This is globalist. Global financial services firm with over one hundred fifty years of heritage built on the unique dedication of people. We bring fresh thinking and perspective to work, and we know that it takes a marriage of intelligence and haunt to create lasting value for Clinton's. It's about having the right ideas, of course. But also about having one of the most accomplish systems and unrivaled network of global experts. That's why at ABS we pride ourselves on thinking smarter to make a real difference. Junin weekly to the bulletin with UBS for all the latest insights and opinions from ups and experts from around the world. Welcome back to the globalist. It's seven forty five in the morning here in London, I'm guide along and it's time to talk.

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