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9s. Well, what do you do? Instead of going back to the well in Major League Soccer for a Darryl DK who's been on a bit of a tear lately, ever since coming back from that shoulder injury, he's been playing a lot better. Instead of going for a player like that, you go for a player like his two straight data. So now you're putting all your eggs in that Ricardo Pepe basket. They've got the pep is gonna play both games. But what if he doesn't? He can't play both games. What if there's an injury? What if whatever happens in illness or he can't play is a Timothy way at that 9? No, it's gonna probably be. He suspected that who's played at that false 9. There's no Matthew copy. There's no Darryl DK. There's no even Josie Aldo. It's come back to form and I know that sounds crazy, but going back and Tapping into that and be like, you know, always come back from his foot surgery scored a couple goals. He's got three goals in the last four games, et cetera, et cetera. Maybe I can go there in a pitch, so I don't have to go into formation with a false name. But you go with whose federa, who's a playmaker. That was interesting to me. If Josie altidore had been included her key probably would have been the biggest surprise. Who would you have been more surprised to see? Are you more surprised that feder made it? Or would you have been more surprised to see Josie in there? Honestly, beretta because the lack of night. Really? Yeah, I think in a pinch, Josie makes sense. He's only 31 years old. I know a lot. I want to move on from them, but he's still one of the most honestly on his day with U.S. men's national team's toppy goal score. I think you could do far worse. But Daryl digg to me is the one that I would have gone with. Daryl dick is the guy that I would have gone with Seb. Since that shoulder injury, by the way, that he had with the U.S. men's national bank gold cup. He's come back and he's been a regular player for Orlando, a very good player. 6 goals in the last 9 games, I think this is a player that just made sense. And you can go down that I want dynamic players road like you doing with this roster and still have Daryl DK and he gives you that physical presence that physical element about his game, but just thought it was an opportunity missed. Yeah, the other guys, like the other options, I'm not surprised to see them left out for a fedena. Who's relatively hot right now? 8 goals and 8 assists for FC Dallas. But sergeant, he hasn't scored this season. Matthew Hopkins scored a Premier League sorry. Sorry, he hasn't scored in the Premier League yet for nords this season. You got Matthew hobby, hasn't even played 90 minutes yet. He fought who remember got off to that great start for young boys. He's cooled off significantly. So if we're going on form, there's a lot of guys there who are out of form DK is the one exception, hurt. I wonder what it tells us about the overall depth quality of the U.S. number 9 pool, which if I remember correctly on this very show, not that long ago, you were telling me he was better than Mexico's. No, no, no, no. Yes. Yes. No, no, no, you got to relax. You asked about food is more. Let's not go back to this. When it's morning, it got a little pep in who would you rather? Okay. Okay. But clearly here we're seeing that the U.S. number 9 position is not as deep as you would have liked. No, but it's not been as deep as anybody would like. And that's a reality, but Darryl deakins played half the minutes of Major League Soccer 17 games has 9 goals and he's a center forward and half the minutes. Hey, Swede is a very good player in Major League Soccer, but he's a playmaker with less goals. I'm not saying he's at fault here, but he's not the answer to that number 9 situation. And I think Gregor Holter looks at him in a pinch I could play this guy in that false 9 because he did it against Trinidad and had a breakout game lesser quality opponent in Trinidad, a 7 zero win. Greg barrel to roll the dice with Ricardo peppy, it worked. It could work again here is only 20 years old and there is a significant lack of experience here. He's got two call ups in the last two years. And both of his games have been January friendly. So the jump from that and MLS to Concacaf World Cup qualifiers. You got to think that that's a huge leap. A huge leap forward for the United States, no doubt about it, hurt. He's getting Christian Pulisic back into the team and of course we saw him back on the field. He returned to action Tuesday for Chelsea in that one nothing win away against malmo, in Sweden,.

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