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Company, they're accused of exchanging information about the wages and benefits of poultry plant workers to suppress competition for those workers. The federal government's student loan servicing contractors are being told to hold off communicating with borrowers about resuming payments ahead of an August 31st deadline for ending the pandemic freeze on loan payments. President Biden and his advisers have been debating the issue of whether to cancel a limited amount of debt for borrowers whose incomes fall under a certain threshold. Mister Biden told reporters last month at another extension was on the table. Democrats close to The White House said that they think it's unlikely that the president will choose to restart loan payments just months before the November midterm elections. Coming up, it's back to a Russian courtroom today for a jail WNBA star. It's 6 14. An orthopedic surgeon makes understanding pain, painless. It's the biggest frustration that patients have. This is doctor Pamela Mehta, talking about aches with unexpected origins. I see patients with pain in their knees, their hips, their back, oftentimes the pain is actually coming from their feet. Bet they aren't expecting to hear that. Those patients are super surprised. They can't believe that the pain in their knee isn't coming from actually inside the meat. But if you think about it, the feet are the base to your whole body. That's why she suggests personally fit arch supports, emphasis on the personal fit. If you get something basting it just on your shoe size, it isn't going to fit you properly. And if it doesn't fit well, it probably won't work well. Go get our supports fitted to you. It says easy as going into a good feet store. The good feet store has 7 locations in greater D.C. and Baltimore. Visit good feet dot com for the location nearest you

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